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Posted: 8/2/2005 1:47:07 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/2/2005 1:50:38 AM EDT by desertmoon]
Well, there certainly hasn’t been a lack of controversy surrounding Rob Zombie’s latest horror flick, The Devil’s Rejects. The unabashed fan of old school horror flicks has turned out a hell of a gruesome piece this time around, surpassing has last, much discussed effort, House of a Thousand Corpses.

This time around, Otis and the rest of the Firefly gang have been raided by the cops and are now on the lam across the Wild West of 1970’s Texas. To say that mayhem ensues would be stating the obvious. The violence that follows is anything but common in the return to the old style shocker pics of the late sixties and early to mid seventies. No punches are pulled and instead of the goofy, cartoonish, action laden violence of the present era; Rob Zombie descends to the slow and brutal style of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” variety. Otis, Baby and Captain Spaulding’s spree of rape, torture and mayhem is very disturbing to say the least. Normally I am vehemently against this type of cinema not because I think Rob Zombie is a creep or violence obsessed but because I hate to be reminded that there are people like the Firefly Family in this world. In a sense, this is exactly where Zombie shines in this film. It’s in their private moments or in moments when they are surrounded by “normal” folks that the Firefly folk just seem like your average, screwed up rednecks….but when the “crowd” of every day society is gone and some poor schmucks get caught in their midst, that’s when the horro of the Firefly Family shows at its’ most barbaric. As much as I hate this kind of violence on film, it’s a good little reminder that there are psychos like this in the world and packing a 1911 and a few spare mags is NEVER a bad idea. Watching your six and remember that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is, is another bit of old advice to keep in mind. This movie isn’t as much “scary” as it is very disturbing.

Following the Fireflies is a very angry, Old School, Texas Law Dog that has seen just a bit too much of the family’s terrifying antics for his own good, his older brother being one of their past victims. After trying to maintain the “just and right” cause for too long he comes to realize that the only way to stop the Firefly Family is to give them a good old dose the their own medicine. That he does, as disturbed as he is about it.

As far as direction goes, Zombie takes his cue not only from the hardcore seventies horror he also takes a huge bit of style form the famous road flicks of the same era. Like “Vanishing Point” this film is full of washed out color and huge desert vistas. The film meanders back and forth across the Texas landscape like a very hot and bothered rattlesnake and with about as much love and affection as one. Another little point I liked is the old school weapons ( with some errors ) like a BAR early in the film and a few Colt revolvers and 1911 autos and a plethora of old school Remington shotguns that are basically cut down Sporter 1100’s. Everything is worn, scratched and well used looking and nothing is flashy except for Baby and Otis’s Arkansas Toothpick slash Texas Hold ‘em Bowie style pig stickers. Don’t expect any “extreme” technical accuracy or continuity here, there isn’t much, but it doesn’t really matter as the film isn’t about guns it’s about one twisted family and the “just stepped over the line” lawman that follows them.

One other REALLY important ( and VERY high quality ) point about this film is that NO ONE can cut a film with a rock score like Rob Zombie…the use of popular seventies music to highlight mood and texture is FLAWLWESS. Many of you may not know that I utterly DESPISE Lynard Skynard….and I always will but Zombie uses “Freebird” amazingly at the end of the film. I haven't seen seen such good music/film scoring and editing since “the Highlander”, “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou” and “Vanishing Point”. Absolutely top notch work through the entire film.

All in all, the film is pure, Super 16 millimeter, low budget SHOCK. And it works….IF you are into the old school horror and road flicks of the 70’s. Unlike some of my other reviews I have left just about everything but the bare essentials out of this flick in order that some of you Old School guys can get some good “entertainment” out of this one. If you are like me and really despise true violence then I do NOT suggest seeing this movie. If you are a continuity freak and can’t be entertained by anything less than Saving Private Ryan or Heat then don’t bother. However if stuff like Dirty Larry and Crazy Mary, Vanishing Point, Two Lane Black Top and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Badlands are your fare….well, go for it.

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No sweat.
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