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Posted: 10/25/2004 3:18:56 PM EDT
The Wall Street Journal
October 25, 2004

The British Are Coming (Back)!


American presidential elections have, traditionally, involved a fair number of absurdities from both ends of the political spectrum. The 2004 campaign, however, has spilled across the Atlantic, and Europe -- or at least our English cousins -- have got in on the act. It's no secret that, outside of Number 10 Downing Street, George W. Bush is no more popular in Britain than he is in France or Germany, and that the sitting President would lose this election by a large margin if the British got to choose the American Chief Executive. Fortunately, at least for those of us who support President Bush's reelection, Britain no longer selects our governors. This, however, has not stopped the Guardian's intrepid staff from having a go at it anyway.

The Guardian, of course, is a British paper which, of late, has pursued an anti-American editorial policy that makes Pravda's Cold War views look objective. It is now encouraging its readers to write to Americans in Clark County, Ohio, a key part of this important "swing-state," expecting them to urge a vote for John Kerry. It appears that this effort is serious or, at least, was not intended as a joke.

Judging by the feedback posted on the Guardian's Internet site, reaction from the Buckeye State has been predictably negative -- not to mention, in some instances, abusive and offensive. Of course, any American ex-pat could have told them so. There is no more certain way of turning a blue state red, or making a red state mad as hell, than stern instruction from the Mother Country.

Therefore, for those who plan to heed the Guardian's call, and to express their views on the vices of Mr. Bush and his "unilateralist" Administration before election day, we urge you to direct your letters to the sovereign states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The President's cause is doing surprisingly well on either side of the Delaware River, but could use an extra push before Nov. 2. For anyone writing from Great Britain, please be sure to begin by reminding your correspondent that New Jersey (or Pennsylvania) used to be British colonies and that, if it hadn't been for the wicked acts of a few wretched, self-interested ideologues in the 1770s, Americans could never have "embarrassed" themselves by electing a man like George W. Bush in the first place. That should set just the right tone, and get those voters to the polls. As director of the Board of Elections in Clark County, Linda Rosicka, noted recently, "the American Revolution was fought for a reason."
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 4:01:52 PM EDT
Obligatory disclaimer: I was born in the UK, and spent my first 30 years there. I have since lived in France for 10 years, and the US for 12, and am now the proud owner of a US passport.

Don't be surprised at anything the Guardian does, they are probably the most left-wing of the mainstream newspapers in the UK. The current news is that they have abandoned this stupid plan because, as was (IMHO anyway) predictable, no-one receiving these letters appreciated them any more than a UK resident would appreciate a letter from an American suggesting how they should vote in their elections.

It was a dumb idea, by a bunch of dumb people.

However, not totally surprising. By adding together the numbers above you can pretty easilly come up with my age, which I know on this mailing list makes me at best, and "interesting relic" -- but us relics do have our uses, and one is memory of days gone by (and shooting ARs he
The legal system has changed (to make it more streamlined, and fair hat
This has NOT been due to leftish politics, but to LIBERAL politics. In my younger days we had some very left-wing governments, but they would NEVER have considered the current state acceptable - its only acceptable to those who believe that government controls you because its better for you that way, that government knows best and that the ends justify the means.

John Kerry and the current crop of Democrats are the same sorts of people. Elect them and kiss the US as you know it goodbye. Like a slowly boiled frog, you won't notice the creeping changes until its too late.

Go vote for George Bush - he is far from an ideal candidate, but a darn sight better than the alternative.
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