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Posted: 12/6/2002 4:49:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/6/2002 4:53:12 PM EDT by 82ndAbn]
Link Posted: 12/6/2002 4:51:31 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 12/8/2002 2:46:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/8/2002 2:46:53 PM EDT by Delta_3_63]
This makes me sick.

Rangers have to give up the Black Beret so REMF's can play dressup?

I'm so glad I got out when I did.
Link Posted: 12/8/2002 5:05:33 PM EDT
It bugged me a bit too, and took some getting used to with all these kids in the basic infantry units running around in the berets, but I got over it.  Tan works, so whatever.  When it all comes down to it, I'm a professional not at looking different, but at fighting.  And I don't even wear a beret in the field.  Thusly, whatever.
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 4:57:05 AM EDT
Yea it is bulsh*t, but the tan beret looks kick ass with the Reg Flash. Whats really sad is the, letter that was wrote to support losing the black beret(lose your beret and like it letter) yea it makes me sick, even though iv'e never been in a Ranger BN, I understand their pain as, non Airborne personel wear maroon berets here at BRAGG. It pisses me off, but what's a soldier to do but, do a good job and obey orders(lawful orders that is) and make suggestions, and support our chain of command the best we can.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 7:33:16 AM EDT
So I'm talking with this E-7 Guardsman type that I've known for a few months and in the course of the conversation, he tells me I should have stayed in and if I had, I could now have a beret like his. Keeping things polite, I just informed him "thanks, but no thanks, I earned my beret".
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 7:53:59 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/12/2002 8:10:35 AM EDT by 308wood]
this will piss you off [url]http://www.geocities.com/rachel_e_s/blackberet.html[/url]

make sure not to miss page two
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 8:02:39 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/12/2002 8:04:10 AM EDT by Moose]
Originally Posted By 308wood:
this will piss you off [url]http://www.geocities.com/rachel_e_s/blackberet.html[/url]
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You certainly were right about that, 308wood.
That was absolutely disgusting. What a disgrace to the uniform.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 8:09:02 AM EDT
well i didn't like to wear the beret,never did the airborne thing or the ranger thing.
when i was a bragg they said i had to wear it,i felt uncomfortable wearing since i didn't earn it.
but i did get caught a few times wearing my soft cap on post,get away from the uit and changed hats.
i wasn't the only one that didn't like to wear them,alot of guys i worked with didn't like to wear them for the same reason.
at least the soft cap cap had a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 8:32:08 AM EDT
You know I totally agree with you the Rangers should have been left to keep their symbols.  But its kind of funny that most of you who decry Marines for saying the same thing about our uniform now make such statements about yours, what the word for when that happens?
Link Posted: 12/12/2002 3:11:04 PM EDT
Doesn't matter what you wear on your head.  

Whatever it is, you're a Soldier and you still do what you're supposed to do, the best you can, and be PROUD of serving your country.

I've got 8 years time at Ft. Bragg, and am a Master-rated parachutist.

I wore a maroon beret in the 82d Abn, and mostly my BDU cap when I was in USASOC.

Here in Korea I mostly wear my BDU cap.

Regardless of what's on your head, BE PROUD!

Link Posted: 12/12/2002 6:50:47 PM EDT
I'm glad that I retired before I was made to put on a European headgear (beret), kinda like that puke blue UN helmet. It was never my style, But you new guys just have to get used to it. I had 26 years of USMC and USARMY clothing changes, all I needed to experience.
Link Posted: 12/13/2002 2:42:16 PM EDT
The BDU cap is definatly the right head gear.  A nasty leg (11B) has no business wearing a beret.  Combat arms should be the only folks wearing BDUs anyway!
Link Posted: 12/18/2002 2:33:59 AM EDT
Everyone in the military has a right to be proud of his uniform and head gear.

I don't give a rats ass what your mos is, you are all on the "SAME TEAM".  You just have different jobs working togeather.

I went to Airborne school at Ft.Benning in 1967.  I then went to Ranger School.  At that time the only ones who wore Berets were SF.  I thought that the Green Beret looked "cool".

I then spent a year and a half in Nam during the Tet Offensive, 1968-1969.  First part of my tour was with the 1st Bn./ 28th Inf. First Infantry Division as an Infantry Platoon Leader Mos 1542.  Volenteered for their LRRP team after eight months.  We didn't have any berets just flop hats.

I then was stationed at Ft. Bragg with the 15th Psyop Bn. on Smoke Bomb Hill.  We got to see the SF wear their Green Berets every day.  I wished I could wear one because, like I already said, I thought they looked "cool".

My point is..........If your in the active military, be proud, stand proud and look proud.  I feel everyone looks good wearing a beret instead of that old "Cunt" cap.

If you're a Ranger, great, we will know because of the color of your beret.  If you're in SF, great, we will know by the color of your beret, if your are a REMF, {;-), we will know by the color of your beret.  But you are all a TEAM.

The Infantry cannot operate with out everyone else to support them.  Stop beating each other up, the fight is out there not internal.

Link Posted: 12/18/2002 5:43:36 AM EDT
Originally Posted By RAMBOSKY:
 Stop beating each other up, the fight is out there not internal.

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Bet you don't get too far in life with that attitude, do you?

Seeing us fight over something like this just leaves me cold.
Just be proud whatever your damned headgear is.
Last time I checked, we were SUPPOSED to be on the same team.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 5:02:53 AM EDT
There is one way and one way only that you can tell if someone has respect for thier uniform, and respect for their lineage within the uniform. The way they wear their uniform. If their Beret looks like Monica Lewinsky put it on, they obviously don't know or care how to wear it properly. There is the American way to wear a Beret, and the eway everbody else does it. The reason I call it the American way, is because I have been around Allied troops who wear a beret, and have noticed through observation and coversations that American Soldiers have a very distinct way of wearing the beret. I'm not going to explain how to wear the beret here, those of you who have worn it know how, those of you who have't can look it up somewhere else.

The point of my post is this- I do not care what MOS you are/were, if you are going to wear MY beret that I EARNED, and you serve in MY country's army who has RELAXED the regulations to allow ANYONE wear MY beret, you are obligated to respect the SELFLESS SERVICE, SACRAFICE, and DEDICATION the beret represents. To do any less is no different than harboring the contempt for the service that MYSELF and those who have gone BEFORE ME have given to this great country.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 6:55:17 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/20/2002 6:57:23 AM EDT by 308wood]
can i infer this is not the way to wear one?

Link Posted: 12/20/2002 7:54:14 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 6:37:15 PM EDT
I am so glad I got out of the guard before I had to wear a ranger hat I didn't earn.

I refused to wear any army or guard ribbons while I was in. I got called on it during the one time each year we wore dress uniforms (for two hours) at "inspection". The CO wanted to know what ribbons I was wearing (my Marine Corps ribbons, all four of them in five years active) and why I wasn't wearing any others (the unit had three while I was there, I had gotten two AAMs from his hand, and they give out ribbons in the guard for going to training or showing up most of the time too).
He started getting mean so I told him I refused to wear any fake ass guard shit that no one ever earns. That ended his hard-ass act.

(The AAMs were for staying awake on duty and doing some work---not kidding)
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 6:00:53 PM EDT
Yea that pissed me off that specialist needs her ass kicked!!! but then again I could help her shape her beret!! hehe!!!

Originally Posted By 308wood:
this will piss you off [url]http://www.geocities.com/rachel_e_s/blackberet.html[/url]

make sure not to miss page two
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Link Posted: 12/28/2002 8:38:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/30/2002 2:43:59 AM EDT by jedi_rifleman]
I think it sucks that the rangers lost the black beret. Why couldn't the legs just get the tan and leave the black for the rangers? I went to jump school at Ft. Benning. Class 7-83,  43rd SkyStrike CO.  then was assigned to the 82nd MP Co./82nd Abn. Div. for the next 3 years. If I was told that I was going to lose my maroon beret to legs and get a tan one instead I think I would have terminated. The Democrats must have orchestrated this. It fits thier M.O.=Punish the hard working overachiever and reward mediocrity.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 9:53:12 AM EDT
I'm sorry, but I was RA from 74-78.  This whole beret thing, which was pulled off by General Shinseki, reminds me of a 1st grade, everybody gets a gold star because we're all great. The Rangers [b]earned[/b] their berets.  I think all REMF's out of basic should get a pink beret until they earn something else.  Use the carrot and stick, not the "smothered in honey" method.

Sorry for the rant.  Just my .02 worth.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 10:14:56 AM EDT

This is just another one of the liberal's attempts to make everyone special, which in turn does not make it special.

For all of us who have gone hungry, have beat on a tree trying to get my money back(I thought it was a coke machine) from lack of sleep, and who have been in an "elite" unit, we know that there is a price to pay with being in one of those units.  
To the liberals who want to make everyone special, you will never understand.
Link Posted: 1/2/2003 4:01:34 PM EDT
I don't wear mine...I wear my PC.  No one has ever said shit to me about it.

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