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Posted: 7/15/2001 8:31:52 PM EDT
Jiang and Putin unite to block US supremacy FROM GILES WHITTELL IN MOSCOW PRESIDENT Jiang Zemin of China flew to Moscow last night to cement a strategic pact with Russia designed to boost trade between the two countries and co-ordinate their opposition to American dominance of world affairs. The accord falls short of a military alliance, but provides for swift joint action “in case of extraordinary situations or a threat to each other’s security”, Aleksandr Losyukov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said in a clear reference to the quick development by the Pentagon of a “son of Star Wars” anti-missile shield. The Good Neighbourly Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation, to be signed this morning, attaches more importance to economics than politics and is expected to come with agreements for Russia to help to build a 3,000-mile gas pipeline across China and to sell Beijing ten Tupolev-204 airliners. Mr Losyukov insisted that the treaty was not “directed against somebody in the West”, but there is little doubt that the Bush Administration’s determination to press ahead with the missile defence scheme has helped to drive Asia’s two big nuclear powers back into each other’s arms for the first time since the Soviet collapse. China has much to lose financially by alienating Washington, but it is already one of the biggest buyers from Russia of oil, gas, aircraft, weapons and nuclear power-generating technology. A key question during Mr Jiang’s two-day visit will be whether he and President Putin can agree to join Russian military expertise with Chinese money in a combined response to the US missile shield, instead of merely criticising it. Missile-tracking radar of the kind used in a test by the United States on Saturday would violate the 1972 AntiBallistic Missile Treaty if it was installed permanently in Alaska. A senior Chinese diplomat said that if the treaty was destroyed “strategic stability is destroyed and (this)could lead to a new arms race”.
Link Posted: 7/15/2001 8:36:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/15/2001 8:47:01 PM EDT
Originally Posted By brouhaha: Wasn't it Nostradamus who said something like: "The Eagle and Bear will unite to fight the Dragon." US and Russia will unite to fight China is how I see it. Interesting prophecy...[:O] brouhaha
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yeah well nostradamus prophecy are so damn vague anyway u can interpet them any way u can ie some day some time someone will walk thu this door. oh my god someone walked thu teh door he must be right
Link Posted: 7/15/2001 10:25:41 PM EDT
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The Eagle= Mexico The Bear= Russia The Dragon or Serpent (Gadsen and Culpepper flags)= U.S.A.
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