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Posted: 8/20/2001 5:58:24 AM EDT
Last Tuesday I had gone for the local PD testing and I scored a %85 on the test. Well just a few days ago I had to go and find out the test results when I saw my name on a sheet that said see HR. Well I saw HR and they told me I was disqualified from the list because I did not give them a copy of my high school diploma. I told and showed them the letter they sent me saying "Bring high school diploma to testing." Which I did do and I showed it to them. They told me that if they did not have a copy of it how where they to place it in there records. I told them I did not know and that they should have stated on the letter that I needed a copy of the diploma. So now here I'm on my first PD testing passed the test but got disqualified for something that stupid and was not my fault.(Also have to put that a lot of people did not get the DR note saying they could take the physical test because they said that nothing was said on the web site about a DR not .I know that was BS because I saw it on the web sight and also said something about it in the letter I got. But they let them slide with it.) I also know when I had gone in how they where going to pick for the rest of the testing we had 6 woman 1 black guy and 1 Hispanic guy. So they had no need for a white guy at this time.
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85% you wouldn't get called anyway, score is to low. We hire 30 a year and you might get a call.
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Sorry partner. Welcome to the Wonderful World Of Equal Employment Opportunity. A few years ago word got out the Post Office was seeking internal applicants for maintenance positions being created. Desiring to leave production work behind(silly me...), I signed up. Showed for the test. Since I have a background in this, I passed the test along with almost all of the other white guys. Not one of us, out of a group of 12, made it. The reasons for rejection were many, all lame. My reason? My "English composition" needed work![>:/] Do I even need to tell you what filled the available positions? There is a day of reckoning coming, and I am more than ready...[pissed]
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 7:29:03 AM EDT
tayous1, Testing two or three times with an agency before making the cut is not unusual. My department tests twice a year, with maybe 25 applicants (out of approximately 200 to 300 people) hired. Ten years ago, when I first began the process, 600 to 700 people tested for positions, but then as the economy began to surge during the 90's fewer individuals took the test. If the media continues to report a slowing economy, I expect the number of people seeking civil service jobs will increase. My advice is to test with all of the agencies that meet your expectations. I don't know of any PD or LE agency that hires on the spot, and it can be a long, drawn-out process. I wish you luck, Mike
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What sort of questions are on the test?
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 7:41:22 AM EDT
EOE is nothing more than Government-required-and-enforced racial discrimination to hire based on ethnicity rather than actual qualifications. Same thing for minimum wage...you aren't worth $5 an hour, but I have to pay you that.
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 8:32:50 AM EDT
I just read an article talking about the LAPD being desperate for applicants. They're offering $2000 sign on bonuses and have raised the maximum age from 35 to 40. Hmmmm, I wonder why nobody would want to work as a cop in L.A.? [xx(]
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 8:52:53 AM EDT
I know at the agency I work for, you ahve to make a 90 to be guaranteed an interview.
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 8:58:07 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Renamed: What sort of questions are on the test?
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It was not like most that you study for out of the book's. We had 25 min to read through a 15 page book about 5 different topics one was on how to collect blood another was on search right's the third was on arrest procurers. fourth was on to remember about 5 paragraphs of different info. Last was a review on a murder trial. Now there was only out of the 110 people who took the test 10 who passed. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong.
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 9:09:03 AM EDT
If I said what I intended to say it would just cause much hate and dissent.
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Link Posted: 8/20/2001 9:22:31 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Tailgate: EOE is nothing more than Government-required-and-enforced racial discrimination to hire based on ethnicity rather than actual qualifications.
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I have to agree there 100%. They end doing nothing but discriminating again caucasians. Why is it the people that went to college can't figure this out but I only went through high school and I see it perfectly clear. [pissed]
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 9:59:30 AM EDT
Originally Posted By sf46: I know at the agency I work for, you ahve to make a 90 to be guaranteed an interview.
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I know I could have gotten that if the test was not just a made up one but one that I have been studying for. I know there where about 10 guy's who left after they saw the woman and the Black guy. They told me why stay there going to get the jobs not them and it does not matter if you got 100% on the test they still would not take you. I'm not pissed of about the test I passed by there standards it was to have a %70 or higher it was just the thing about the diploma that pissed me off. I know there are a lot of guys out there that take the PD test about 20 times and never get one a PD so I was not worried if I failed but I didn't I passed and had one of the top 5 scores in the grope no one got over a %89 so you can see why I'm pissed off. Well there is always the fire department.
Link Posted: 8/20/2001 10:19:08 AM EDT
They told you why stay? Somebody needs to get chewed out or written up. Sorry to hear you got bashed and disqualified. What every happened to hiring based on if they can do the job correctly? Damn politics, stupid useless, politically correct, waste of time and tax payers money. Ice
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