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Posted: 5/13/2002 9:57:40 AM EDT
Here's a flash movie I made to counter the stupid argument that the 2nd Amendment is outdated, since the founding fathers didn't realize what kind of guns would be available in the future.

It's at [url]http://flashbunny.freewebspace.com/outdated.html[/url]

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:00:56 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:03:36 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:07:44 AM EDT
Well done, sir.

That has always been my response to the "Second Amendment only applies to flintlock musket" folks. If I need a license for my rifle, then the Dallas Morning Snooze needs a license for their high-capacity press.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:07:54 AM EDT
Good job!
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:07:56 AM EDT
Excellent job!
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:08:10 AM EDT
Very good! I like it.

I too thought that there was a troll amongst us.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:11:17 AM EDT

Very well done.

A simple message that simply annhialates the antis position.

Again, VERY well done. [beer]
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:20:20 AM EDT
yep, horse and buggy, the "ultimate" transportation device.

Very good, I shared it on another site.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:29:50 AM EDT
Very well done. You should also point out that we would not have cell phones, tvs, satellites, fax machines, cable tv or e-mail because they were not envisioned as part of the 1st ammnedment.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:35:21 AM EDT
Good work there...

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:36:59 AM EDT
Glad you all like it. The title was an attention getting device [:D]

As for the questions, you need macromedia flash to make their movies. You may still be able to get free trials at macromedia.com

As for downloads, I'm not sure if the hosting TOS allow it, since I just joined that site today. If it does, I'll set up a link. If it doesn't, there's nothing I can do to preventyou from doing a 'save as' from your web browser [:D]
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 10:53:47 AM EDT
I can't see the movie, because I'm having a problem downloading MacroMedia's Flash, but I'm working on it. Anyways, I'd like to say remind the antis that the musket is the assault weapon of the day. I believe bows and arrows and swords were still pretty prevalent during those days. Ask yourself the question, television and radio wasn't invented either in those days, but they are pretty much accorded the same rights and priviledges as the print media. And we don't quarter troops in our homes, yet the concept of a home is a man's castle of search and siezure comes from the 3rd Amend.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 12:13:05 PM EDT
Excellent work!
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 12:25:04 PM EDT
Perhaps not only license for the modern press, but jouralists perhaps should have background checks, make sure they are not criminals trying to spread disinformation.  

Boy, wouldn't the press have a hissy over that?

But THEY are the ones that keep telling us the pen is mightier than the sword... so maybe they are more dangerous than gun ownership... And if we should be checked out, licensed, maybe they should, too.

No, just using their own arguments against the leftists in the press.

The Bill of Rights was never meant to be a limit on our rights, or to mean that just those listed and nothing else... it says so right there.  We have other rights, too.

And the Bill of Rights does not give us, or allow us anything.  It states that the right (the one we already have) shall not be infringed.  Now, this does not say the Congress shall not infringe upon it, or the Federal government.  It says simply SHALL NOT.  So, to all the states, to Daley in Chicago, to the leftists in Sacramento, THIS MEANS YOU!!!  YOU may not infringe on our rights.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 12:35:28 PM EDT
Great Job!  You've captured the essence of their ridiculous argument which they always use out of context and when you look at the entire constitution in the proper context and the PRINCIPLE it represents the anti's don't have a leg to stand on unless they are advocating changing the constitution which IMHO makes them anti American!!!!!
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:06:35 PM EDT
I found this in a NRA advertisement in 1985.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:12:19 PM EDT
That was terrifying.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:12:58 PM EDT
Very well done indeed.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:17:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:17:44 PM EDT
That should be an ad on the mass communication highway! Very well done!
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