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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/15/2005 10:52:11 AM EDT
In light of the fact that this should be my 1000th post (IIRC), I'd like to thank the good folks who established and run this site as well as the thousands of other participants who make it like a big family (complete with a family's idiocyncracies).

While I have not been fed, clothed or sheltered as a result of my participation or other actions on AR15.com, it has certainly provided me entertainment and a wealth of knowledge--some of it actually related to our beloved black rifle. In the few short years since I found the site, my personal knowledge of firearms has increased tremendously, though it still pales in comparison to most. I have come to regard training as the next most important step after acquiring a firearm and ammunition, and that is now where most of my firearms budget now goes--thanks again in no small part to this site.

So, I say thank you.

And to give back a small portion, as well as keeping in mind the current crises all over the world, I humbly present the following collection of phrases that might prove useful should you be taken hostage by someone who understands only Arabic. (However, these were provided to me by a co-worker years ago, and I cannot guarantee their accuracy. Your use of them in stressful situations may indeed precipitate a violent reaction. Thus, I will not be held responsible for any resulting use of the following phrases, which are merely intended as enterainment, not de facto life-saving translations.)

Akbar khali-kill haftir lotfar.
Thank you for showing me your marvelous gun!

Fehr gabul cardan davat pash gush divar.
I am delighted to accept your kind invitation to lie down on the floor with my arms above my head and my legs apart.

Shomach fehr tamomeh geh gofish bande.
I agree with everything you have ever said or thought of in your life!

Auto arraregh davatesman mano sepaheh-hast.
It is exceptionally kind of you to allow me to travel in the trunk of your car.

Fashal-eh tupehman na degat mano goftam cheesayeh mahema rajebehkeshvarshaman.
If you will do me the kindness of not harming my genital appendages, I will gladly reciprocate by betraying my country in public.

Krei, jepaheh maneh va jayeii amrikaney.
I will tell you the names and addresses of many American spies traveling as reporters.

Balli, balli, balli!
Whatever you say!

Maternier ghermez ahlieh, Ghorban.
The red blindfold would be lovely, Excellency.

Tikeh nuneh ba ca khreleh bezorg va krube boyast ino begarman.
The water-soaked bread crumbs are delicious, thank you. I must have the recipe.

Etehfor'an dehrates, otageh shoma mkrastam, hke do haftaeh ba bodansh Sheereel Teega.
Truly, I would rather be a hostage to your greatly esteemed self than spend a fortnight in the arms of Cheryl Tiegs.

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Congrats on 1,000
Link Posted: 8/15/2005 10:54:21 AM EDT
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