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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/31/2001 1:13:12 AM EST
Thank You, Bill Clinton Christopher Ruddy [url]www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/10/30/224206.shtml[/url] Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2001
I have intercepted several mail communications between various world leaders and former President Bill Clinton in the wake of Sept. 11. I felt that these should be published for the historical record, if nothing else. I plan to do so over the next several weeks. I will not offer any comment or analysis of their contents, but will allow readers to draw their own conclusions. 1 October 2001 Sent via diplomatic pouch Honorable President William J. Clinton Harlem New York, New York Dear President Clinton: On behalf of the Republic of Iraq, its Baath party and the peoples of our Arab nation, I extend my sincere thanks to you. We are grateful for what you did for us during the past eight years. After the imperialistic invasion into the Arab nation and the House of Our People by your predecessor, George H.W. Bush, I was given for dead. My days on the earth were numbered. The Iraqi Republic was said to be destroyed. But after your success in 1992, and again in 1996, you have helped to renew this great nation of which I remain the great leader. I want you to know that I understood you had to, as you say, "look tough," with occasional bombings, the "embargo," and so forth. But, Allah be praised, you spared me after you discovered my attempt in 1993 to assassinate George Bush during his trip to Kuwait. Again, it was you who intervened to make sure your evil CIA and FBI did not fully investigate our first attempt on the World Trade Center in February of 1993 – on the anniversary day your predecessor began his "ground war" against the people of the Arab nation. When our intermediary friends from the great land to the far north came to me and said it would be helpful to you if I rattled the cage, if I acted the role of the madman, and if you could strike back at me with pinpricks – so that you could appear victorious among your foolish people – I did not really believe your sincerity. I did not believe you would be a friend and faithful. I was wrong. But I did as requested, and time and again, at critical moments in your administration, I made threatening moves or actions. And time and again, you struck back. Always you looked good, strong, tough. We laughed in Baghad as your silly Pentagon people hit our $10,000 radar stations with $500,000 cruise missiles. You were unlike any American I have ever known. You were honorable. You lived up to your promises made through our great friends in the north. I can report to you today that the Iraqi Republic, our Republican Guard and the great army of the Arab nation are as strong as they were before the imperialistic Gulf War of Mr. Bush.
Link Posted: 10/31/2001 1:14:38 AM EST
We are strong and, thanks to you, Mr. Clinton, your country is weak – much, much weaker than it was before the imperialistic war of Mr. Bush. Today, his son cannot make me a target of his father’s revenge because the Pentagon of his father does not exist. This all, thanks to you, great leader. We have learned to fight fire with greater fire. When your U.N. and State Department demanded us to end our weapons programs, you advised us, through our friends from the north, to hold firm. We did so. As we threw your inspectors out of our country and rebuilt our programs to make Iraq a nuclear power as great as America and Israel, you allowed the embargo to be lifted. Our oil, the gift of Allah, was freed because of you, and billions of dollars flowed into my accounts. You made this possible. It was your decision alone. We shall not forget your benevolence. Many here in Baghdad, in the Baath party, could not believe that if we threw your inspectors out, we would actually be rewarded. But I told them to trust our friends from the north, that you were a man of honor. When September 11 occurred, our great people knew that once again the House of Islam, the Baath party and the Arab nation have risen once again. It was through the mercy of Allah, his benevolence, and you, great leader, that we accomplished so much in so short a time. Your brother in peace, Saddam Hussein President of the Republic of Iraq
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