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Posted: 5/28/2001 3:47:55 PM EDT
On this Memorial Day- A Belated Tribute to my Dad. Thank you - :) - I never knew it all until I went through all the old stuff Mom left me. You never told me about the hardships , and the loneliness, or about losing your Brother on D Day. My (older) Sis was in school before she even remembers seeing you You spent 2 years in the Frigid Wastelands (Aleiutian islands ) You were just another " Joe" doing his Duty , and keeping this Great Country Free! When I was a Kid - you were just "Dad" Thanks for teaching me to catch and throw :) I have the Purple Heart that was awarded to Uncle Adam - I will treasure it always! God Bless and keep you - Thanks again Dad
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 4:02:28 PM EDT
There's probably a lot of people who could write something like this.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 4:49:01 PM EDT
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Thanks to your Dad and all like him who made sure my 5 yr old has a free country to grow up in. What's amazing is they did it without asking what's in it for me.When their country called they stood up and did their duty. The two Greatest Generations in our history are those farmers who won our independance against the greatest power of the time and the men who defeated the powers of evil in WWII. These men not only made us the greatest military power but they came home and raised families,worked hard and made us the greatest economic power. It scares the hell out of me what would happen if we were called upon to make the same sacrifices again.We are'nt made of the stuff same anymore.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 5:10:15 PM EDT
I'd like to thank my step Dad and my German Opa. I was raised by both of these fine men. Both of these men did some serious soldiering and refuse to talk about it. They did however train me to be the man I am now (and yes I served my country). I would also like to thank the thousands of others that gave their lives and endored the hardships of war. When I see a war memorial it gives me a humble/special feeling that I can't really put into words.
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