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Posted: 8/5/2001 11:53:34 PM EDT
I was sent this by e-mail and I know little about STG58 and I'm wondering should I go with this rifle? Or spend the extra $95 to get a DSA. Thanks for the help. Hello, Saw your posting about looking for StG-58. I have one for sale that's been assembled for me by smith about three years ago. Less than 200 rds down the tube from a new kit that was bought from A & D Global when they were still in business (best of the StG kits and partnership with DSA). It's using the plastic StG american handguards, DSA H/T/S and piston with DSA StG look alike muzzle break installed and DSA pistol grip - so legal for any mags. Has the B Sqaure scope mount in place so ready for optics. I've not had any trouble with zero on it at all - it's one of the later versions using bigger locking rails and allen screws not straight slots. All ready to go with two mags and asking $700 shipped to your FFL (ConUS). I like quality, and this is about as good as it could possibly get for a post ban shooter StG - no finish problems and 96-97% gun easily with bipod in place and very, very nice - all furniture as new - with 100% of the appearance of the StG service rifle. This is my final postban personal gun - assembled on an Imbel "gear logo" upper receiver and professionally headspaced, but just not going to do post ban anymore. Have many preban versions and seek now to concentrate on only those - selling this at a loss for what's in it. Just thought I'd offer it to someone here, and will stand behind it, if not as advertised/described will refund money on return minus ship expenses, unfired and as shipped. Can offer refs here and not a big seller - more of a black hole for things FAL, just moving outta' the postbans completely.
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 12:46:11 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 4:55:03 AM EDT
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Tayous1 – sounds like a pretty good deal IF: 1. You can get documentation on the U.S. parts. Seven U.S. parts are enough to use any mags as the seller says. 2. Who put it together? While good work is done by many ‘smiths without a reputation, I’ve seen some horror stories in steel passed off as “custom”. The IMBEL receiver is acknowledged as first rate, so that’s good; the DSA parts are also very good. The B-Square mount is OK. Saving $100 or more with the shipping would allow you to put the money into mags. DSA has a great deal on $5.00 used mags. Be warned: FALoholism is a serious disease. edited 'cause my grammar sucks
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 8:28:17 AM EDT
I still think the extra money might be wise to spend and just go for the DSA.
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