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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 4/17/2006 8:00:39 AM EST
Increasingly, I've been relying on hotspots to get work done. I'm a photographer, and I need to check email and send hi-res images multiple times per day, from on the road sometimes. In the past, I've either found or paid for hotspots, sometimes wardriving a neighborhood to find a WiFi network so I can send a couple emails.

I'm moving from Fayetteville, AR to a much smaller town, and there just aren't enough hotspots there for my current method to work. I'm trying to find a solution where I can get 'net via wireless. My current idea is a bluetooh-enabled phone hooked to the laptop, and dailing out from there. Bandwidth is a MAJOR consideration, as I transfer upwards of 2Gb/day sometimes. Latency is a secondary issue, but important. I'm willing to pay a bit for this service, ESPECIALLY if it would be both high-speed and low-latency enough to both send and receive photos, and play a few online games(WoW, Allegiance). Neither of those require super-low pings, 200-300 ms is about the highest I'd be comfortable with.

What do I need to look into?
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