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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/6/2002 9:33:21 AM EST
http://www.kndu.com/article.src?ID=9836&V=&Type=News&03c61293ad Teachers in Arms Schools State Legislation Would Give Teachers Guns. Guns in school. Keeping them out of the hands of students has been a security issue, but should school staff be allowed to arm themselves on campus? Some of our state lawmakers think so. A senator from Moses Lake is trying to get support for a bill that would allow school staff to carry armed weapons on campus. It’s only in the education committee, but it is already stirring strong emotions on both sides of the issue. Signs around our local schools let everyone know no one inside has a firearm. Washington Senator Harold Hochstatter (R) 13th District, says those signs invite violence. “We need to recognize the fact that putting up signs that say these kids are vulnerable and the staff too,” said Hochstatter, “We need to quit that and we need to say, ‘Hey, if you come into school grounds there are people who will return fire.’” Our local superintendents take a different viewpoint. “To me that’s overkill.... no pun intended,” said Dr David Shaw, Pasco Schools Superintendent. Shaw said bringing more guns onto campus would only further excite the students. “I clearly believe that prevention is a greater mechanism of dealing with violence in schools,” said Shaw. Hochstatter said prevention methods didn’t stop two students and a teacher from getting shot to death in Moses Lake on campus six years ago, but an armed vice principal in Mississippi did stop a school shooter in 1998. Shaw rebuts that argument saying local law enforcement can be called at a moment’s notice, if things get out of hand. However, Senator Kevin Schmadeka, who is also backing Hochstatter’s bill, said, “Unfortunately, police only come in time to pick up the bodies.” The Washington Educators Association told KNDU it is not backing Hochstatter’s bill, in any way. They say they feel schools are the safest place for kids to be, and that adding guns on campus would only detract from the learning environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rosemary McAuiffle has refuse to allow hearings on SB 6479 which would allow our teachers to conceal carry to protect our children. Her phone is-360-786-7600
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