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Posted: 8/6/2001 6:03:21 AM EST
http://sanantoniolightning.com/lubb1.html San Antonio Lightning newspaper limbaugh spurs dallas cowboys nra news radio .. Monday, August 06, 2001 7:32AM.... State News EXCLUSIVE 'We're Gonna Need More Ammunition!' Tape Recordings Document SWAT Carnage SAL Staff The following tape recording has been pieced together by the Lightning from police radio traffic and video tape shot during the July 13th SWAT action in Lubbock, Texas. (See background story below.) It has been synchronized from the first shot fired. It begins with a count-down to a "break and rake" action, with two teams on opposite sides of the house under siege. It ends, after 369 rounds, with an officer screaming for "more ammunition." Click Here To Listen Requires Real Player-Free Here Previous Story 369 Bullets Fired In Lubbock SWAT Snafu New Details Emerge After Lightning Series Revealed 'Friendly Fire' Killing FBI Confirms Ballistic Results Given To Lubbock Police SAL Staff (View Video/Audio Of Shooting Fox TV 34-Lubbock) High speed | Low speed Requires Real Player-Free Here The deadly SWAT attack against a Lubbock man in July unleashed an astounding 369 rounds, one of which killed an officer; and the man under siege never fired a shot, an FBI ballistics investigation has confirmed. The F.B.I.'s Lori Bailey told the Lightning Tuesday that the tests had been concluded, and results had been returned to the Lubbock police. She would not comment on what those tests showed, but sources tell the Lightning that it pointed to a case of friendly fire. Bailey did say the tests confirmed the investigation of local police, and she lauded LPD's thoroughness in the case. The Lightning reported last week that sources named "one Lubbock SWAT member" as the shooter who killed Sgt. Kevin Cox, in a raid on the city home. Though not officially released the final report faults a deadly crossfire set up by SWAT. The officer who killed Cox has not been publicly named. In the wake of the shooting Lubbock City Manager Bob Cass put Police Chief Ken Walker on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. Chief Walker has been restricted from wearing a department uniform and cannot enter the Lubbock Police Department while on leave.
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 6:04:13 AM EST
"During this administrative leave, do not interfere in any way in the pending investigation into this matter," the city warned. "You will immediately surrender your police badge, police identification, city issued firearm, and any other indicia of office to me." Lubbock police were forced to release the man they jailed as the killer of the SWAT officer, because evidence showed he could not have fired the fatal shot. Richard Robinson was released from jail on July 20th. Robinson, 47, had been charged with capital murder in the July 13 shooting death of Cox during a standoff between Robinson and the Lubbock Police Department. Robinson, an unemployed automobile mechanic, barricaded himself inside his home at 3229 87th St. after setting furniture and household goods on fire in his front yard. In the confrontation with police, the details of which have been confused and contradictory, both the officer and homeowner were wounded. A second policeman received minor injuries Official statements early on downplayed the friendly fire possibility. "That is so baseless and contrary to the evidence that it's an absolute insult to Kevin Cox's memory," police spokesman Bill Morgan told local reporters early this week. "That's an absolute affront to the guys that have to live with the memory of having Kevin slain in front of them." Now, however, police have been forced to abandon that tactic, and disturbing questions have arisen about what really happened, and the police actions that followed. Almost a week later Robinson's wife was arrested for "interfering with police," as she tried to enter the family home. An intense search of the premises for more than a week failed to find evidence which would incriminate the suspect. * * * Copyright 2001 RG Griffing Publications
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