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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/13/2006 12:11:53 AM EST
As I was sitting here reading the various posts I remembered something from my past. I searched the local news rag and a search did not come up due to the age.
I was a new LEO in 1981 and was enjoying a day off like anyone would. I stopped in to see my older brother at the auto parts store he worked at. I had recently got him into the reserve office program with the sherriffs depatment and it would be nice to BS.
Over the old GE four channel scanner he had at his desk came the kind of call that scares the shit out of everyone.
Cresent Plastics shots fired we have reports of multiple people down.
I started to leave to head to my POV which had a department radio in it when I heard two special traffic enforcement officers call arriving and asking for more info. Dispatch could only advise they were on the phone with people in the plant and they had at least four people down, and they thought there was only one shooter.
The first arriving officer was from my depatment and I recognized his voice as one of the guys who trained me.
Suddenly a paniced voice screamed over the radio SHOTS FIRED OFFICER DOWN RETUNING FIRE. this voice I did could not place.
I was moving quickly to my POV and fired up the radio, the Sherriffs radio had the patch to local EPD active I called in and asked for direction and assignment given the situation.
I was dispatched to the Hospital about 15 blocks away as a Local PD officer was in route with an injuried member of our department. I was given orders by the sherriff to secure the scene at the ER and await his arrival.
I arrived at the ER to see Evansville Police Department officer Daryl Nutt carring sheriffs officer Bob Beckem like a baby into ER, Bob's face and head were covered in blood and he was not moving.
At this time the sherriff arrived and looked at me and give the order to secure the area. At this time the hospital security staff came out and told the sherriff that he had to move his vehicle.
I was instructed to remove these people from MY ER and if they are not law enforcement they go to jail. The Pinkerton staff was escorted to the curb accross the street with the warning that if they came into the canopy are they were going to jail.
Well the whole area became nuts with the arriving units of various department and the friggin news media.
Evansville Police arrived and took over outside security and other from the sherrifs department came in and we took over the area inside, news media people tried everything they could to get into the ER area.
Then the ambulances started pulling in, vitims of multiple shotgun blasts the doctors tried but were unable to save, some lived for some time but did not survive. all told 5 died that day ( may have been six but memory says five)
Officer Bob Beckem sustained birdshot pellet wounds to his face losing three theeth and he still has pellets in his face. His eyesite was saved by a pair of rayban ambermatic shooting glasses that were popular in 1981, they were turned completely inside out from the close range blast from a 12 ga. shotgun.
Bob Went on to finish his 30 years with the department.
The shooter was shot 14 times at close range with a combination of .38 special and .357 rounds that struck no major areas, he did suffer injuries to his right lung, both arms, both legs, spleen, both arms, and various other injuries.
McRenolds (the shooter) was sentanced to 268 years with the Indiana department of corrections.
The reason for the shooting was because McRenols was fired for drug use, no show for work.

Link Posted: 1/13/2006 12:57:39 AM EST

Originally Posted By snarfbatt:

The reason for the shooting was because McRenols was fired for drug use, no show for work.

what a waste
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