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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/10/2006 4:13:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/10/2006 4:25:52 PM EST by Hedonist]
What's your favorite item?

What was the most you ever spent there?

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:14:29 PM EST
Always get 4 beef hard-shell tacos when I go (not too often).
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:13 PM EST
Mexican phone company?
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:15 PM EST

I like the beef and potato burrito

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:30 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:31 PM EST
haven't eaten there in over 10 years.

but I could go for a burrito from chipotle right about now.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:45 PM EST
Everything at Taco Bell tastes the same.

Faux granulated soymeat slathered in a waxy, immitation dairy substance.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:15:55 PM EST
I love the food there.

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:16:03 PM EST
I like the carmel apple emanda-what-cha-call-ems

Had a family reunion there once, fed 37 people. Bill was $20.18.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:16:20 PM EST
2 Supreme Double Decker Tacos with no tomato, and two Twisters with no tomato.

We have a combination Taco Bell/KFC
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:16:55 PM EST
Mighty Taco is better
a little pricier but much better quality food
for one thing the taco beef is recognizable as beef and not that paste that taco hell has
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:17:57 PM EST
I've gotten the same thing since I was a kid:

-Bean burrito, taco, and nachos and cheese...
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:18:02 PM EST
Steak soft taco.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:18:03 PM EST
Steak grilled stuffed Burrito.

once spent $12
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:18:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:18:30 PM EST

Originally Posted By Zakk_Wylde_470:
We have a combination Taco Bell/KFC

What's that? - where you'd run to the border, but you're too chicken?
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:21:40 PM EST
Steak soft taco, minus the tomatoes
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:22:11 PM EST
Taco Bell uses dog food.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:24:00 PM EST
2/3 chicken soft tacos with sour cream. I never spend more than $10 there.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:24:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:28:08 PM EST

Originally Posted By DefMan:
Taco Bell uses dog food.

Must be very fattening.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:28:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/10/2006 4:29:03 PM EST by TheCynic]
Bean Burritos...and keep 'em coming.

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:28:48 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:34:51 PM EST

Originally Posted By TheCynic:
Bean Burritos...and keep 'em coming.

Bean Burrito and the 7 layer ......those new chessey potato thing are good .

"In the future all restraunts will be Taco Bell" ....Judging by todays activity it'll be true soon enough .
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 4:55:26 PM EST
Bean Burrito with green sauce.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:01:10 PM EST
taco hell sucks dead donkey dick.

Disgusting crap.

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:02:25 PM EST
Two double decker suprems and a Med sierra mist and a good case of the explosive butt pukes.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:04:35 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:04:55 PM EST
Grilled chicken stuffed burrito, and the ranchero soft taco are my favorites from there. But unlike a few of my friends I can eat anything from there and not have it cause a gastric catastrophe. I've had better mexican food, but for cheap and fast, its hard to beat.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:05:48 PM EST
6 pack of soft tacos
1 chicken soft taco
1 bean burrito

Thats my usual order. I only eat there perhaps 1-2 times a year when I need a good cleansing of the innards. The other times i eat 6 double bacon cheseburgers from White Castle

Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:18:51 PM EST
Chicken Quesadillas are pretty good. I usually order those.
Link Posted: 4/10/2006 5:25:12 PM EST
I spent $15 there once. I ate for three days off that.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 2:53:38 AM EST
Honestly, how much of every US$ spent at TB gets converted to a M.O. that is sent directly to Old Mexico?
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 2:58:10 AM EST
Fuck Taco Bell
Eat at Taco Cabana!!!
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 3:05:03 AM EST
I get a cheapie value burrito and some soft tacos
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 4:10:32 AM EST

Originally Posted By SWS:
Everything at Taco Bell tastes the same.

Faux granulated soymeat slathered in a waxy, immitation dairy substance.

And yet it tastes good.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:22:12 AM EST
When I do go(not very often) I get two Double Deckers, No Lettuce, No Tomato and a drink. Or I get a Grilled Stuffed Burrito
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:23:46 AM EST
Nachos Bell Grande, and a Burrito Supreme
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:27:53 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/11/2006 8:28:11 AM EST by Epsilon]
I wish Mir hit that Taco Bell target...then I wouldve gotten a FREE Taco.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:33:34 AM EST
The plus size woman behind the counter without teeth.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:41:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/11/2006 8:49:18 AM EST by Admiral_Crunch]

Originally Posted By Hedonist:
Honestly, how much of every US$ spent at TB gets converted to a M.O. that is sent directly to Old Mexico?

Not many, I would think. Taco Bell is owned by Yum, which is based in Kentucky. Not exactly Old Mexican territory there. And I never see many Hispanics working there, at least not around here.

Oh, and the beef grilled stuffed burrito is the best value. Four dollars for two, and my stomach is ready to explode. And I can put away some food.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:44:03 AM EST
Mexican Pizza add sour cream
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:45:23 AM EST
Steak/chicken Chalupa when I go (not very often)
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 8:55:28 AM EST
The first and only time I went into a Taco Bell there was a huge pile of intestinal sculpture around the corner from the counter.

How someone could get away with taking a dump in the public area of the resteraunt, no matter how quiet it was, I'll never know.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 9:06:37 AM EST
Back in high school some stoner at 25 soft tacos. With his drink and naco's the total was around $30.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 9:07:37 AM EST
My brother who is also my roomate works there, so i get all of the mistakes everynight after the drunks come in.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 9:08:58 AM EST

Originally Posted By GrumpyM4:
taco hell sucks dead donkey dick.

Disgusting crap.



Rubio's and La Salsa both serve real food that doesn't suck.
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