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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/11/2002 8:23:04 PM EST
Well finally jumping into it and getting my Concealed Carry. So I am looking over the packet and saw this: [i]17. Indicate any criminal history information on yourself, including juvenile criminal history data. Include any offenses for which you were arrested, or charged under an information or indictment.(include any certified copies of judgement and sentence from the courts.)[/i] So I have not been a saint in my life. Here's my question. I have been caught driving on a suspended lics. and was put in the penalty box for the weekend. Now this charge was dropped by my lawyer to driving without a valid lics and $75 fine. Also as a juvenille, I was detained for public disturbance(fist fight in the streets). Will these offenses prevent me from getting a CHL?
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 2:12:57 AM EST
NO, lt those are too long ago to affect your CHL, but list everything on the yellow form in space provided as one of the things that will get your forms returned is for not listing everything. If they find a charge you fogot to list they'll make you redo it. For example, I have always exercised my 2nd ammendment right and was busted twice as a 20+ yr. old w/ "illegal posession of a firearm" a Class "B" misdemenor at the time (this has now been upgraded to a Class "A" and will premenatly ruin your CHL option). I had no trouble as I listed the dates and charges as well as a few other bar-room brawl type charges, and these in no way affected my CHL. They do check, not only here in Texas, but they do send enquiries to the other states and on some occasions receivers find out after they get their CHL about crimes in other states which cause the DPS to revoke a CHL, so any charge anywhere best be on your form. Mike (former CHL instructor)
Link Posted: 3/12/2002 6:39:08 AM EST
Thanx Mike. I had always planned of noting those down on paper, however I just wanted to get an idea on how much of a stickler the TX DPS are.
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