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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/18/2002 4:48:11 PM EST
On a Slovenian Operation Flashpoint (PC Game) website that I use sometimes for downloading "mods", and upgrades for Operation Flashpoint....there has been a slight "Anti American" slant to some of the "news" posted on the home page. Mostly regarding the "war on terrorism", and any possible American action against Iraq. The site is pretty much run by "teenagers" from Slovenia...so I never took alot of offense to their un-informed little jags at the US. HOWEVER...most recently they posted a political cartoon that showed a tablet with a checklist of things needed to invade Iraq on it. The list included "planes, ships, troops, tanks, bombs, missles, ect, ect"...all checked off as accounted for. But the last item on the list ([b]a Reason[/b]) was left un-checked. This is an email that was sent to the site administrator by someone, It had enough effect that the site administrator posted a copy of it in the forums....and said "I agree" and he removed the political cartoon. I thought it was a pretty good letter. [b]Sorry man, but the Invasion Checklist missing a reason is a little off... Reason: I don't mean to be rude but I know just a tad about the goddamn subject. Mr. Hussein has been building the infrastructure necessary to develop a low yield nuclear weapon (A-bomb). When the UN inspectors went in after the Gulf War they were a little unnerved to find the remnants ( I say remnants because Brit Tornados and F-111's had been by to do a little housecleaning ) of a the facilities needed to do the refinement of plutonium to make it weapons grade. From their estimates Hussein had been not years, but months from having a viable nuclear weapon. The problem now is that it doesn't take much more than expertise and facilities to go from an A-bomb to an H-Bomb. The United Stated NRO satellites have in the recent weeks taken pictures of building construction that many in the "inspection" camp judge to be the new refining facilities for weapons grade fissionable material. How do they know this? The size and shape of the structure go a long way to telling this secret. Once one develops an A-bomb it can be used as the detonator of a much larger nuclear event. We're not talking Nagasaki which weighed in at 4 kilotons, but more like 750 kilotons. A hydrogen bomb. In the Cold War, we had static armed forces lined up keeping each side at bay because of the MAD Principle (Mutual Assured Destruction). If someone were stupid enough to launch a nuclear attack they would have to do it in such a way as to penetrate the other sides defenses, hence using high speed missiles to get the nukes to their targets more rapidly and effectively than any other means. In today's "Iraq Invasion Debate" I've heard more than one person claim that we don't have a reason because Iraq only has SCUD's to deliver a WMD with. Really? We're not in the Cold War, Dorothy. What the hell do you call 9-11. I call it a demonstration of a delivery system. Taking lessons from "The Art of War" and taking that which appears harmless into the instrument to deliver a killing blow to your enemy. A boat, a car, a plane....These can all be used to deliver the device. How does this fit into our "War on Terror". Um, ever heard of Abu Nidal? He was Osama Bin Laden when Osama was still in diapers. He had been considered the most dangerous terrorist in the world until recent events. Guess where he and his organization have located themselves for the last 12 years. You guessed it, Iraq. Remember Osama's speech to the US in his video taped address to the world. Remember he'd mentioned that his instigation for action was the "Gulf War" attack on Iraq. Now we know the Czech's were right - that Atta did IN FACT meet with an Iraqi military intelligence officer shortly before the 9-11 attacks. How much more of a connection do you need. Hitler had to build massive armies over years to conjure up the amount of destructive force to cause the devastation he did in WWII. That same destructive force can be dealt with ONE thermo-nuclear weapon. Saddam has killed his own people using biological and nerve agents. IF this asshole gets his hand on a nuclear weapon I can guarantee you that the 2900 people killed at the World Trade Center is gonna look like a drop in the bucket to what happens next. So far the only people that can't see "The Reason" to invade Iraq are the uneducated dickheads in the media and liberal eggheads whose ideology directs their thoughts in absence of the wisdom of history. We MUST GROW UP. We're not talking about liberal ideologies. We talking about millions of lives that hang in the balance. There's MOTIVE, MEANS, MODE, and METHOD. Sorry, I don't want my government to wait for MUSHROOM Cloud to figure out they need to fix the fucking problem. [/b]
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 5:04:36 PM EST
that kicked ass!! GET SOME!!!! gj madmedic
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 5:11:57 PM EST
Originally Posted By thecleaner: that kicked ass!! GET SOME!!!! gj madmedic
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Hold ON...let me clarify: [b]I did not write that letter[/b]...I just thought it was pretty good, so I "copied and pasted" it here.
Link Posted: 9/18/2002 5:19:15 PM EST
You know the score, madmedic. We've found a new supporter for invading Iraq in Czech president, Vaclav Havel. Not only is he privvy to the details about the Iraqi agents meeting with Atta, he has a historical understanding about the need to pre-emptively attack threatening tyrants (his country was a victim of the Munich appeasement). Havel is not what you'd call a raving right-wing lunatic or cowboy. He's a socialist. His movement to liberalize the political system of Czechoslovakia in the 1960's led to his imprisonment and Soviet occupation. He wanted to keep the socialism without the tyranny. He's a great democratic leader, a strong moral authority, and he's entirely in favor of invading Iraq.
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