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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/14/2001 8:33:09 PM EST
We should be able to do this for the children. Maybe limit him to one book or short story per year with an awful premise. 'Maximum overdrive' was on recently. Machines go bonkers and terrify the world because of a comet. Looks like just machines with electronics are affected. Wait a second, we need a plot device. Let's have a 6 wheeled atv with a belt fed machine gun be controlled by this demon comet force. Don't know how this electronic demon force is making a regular machine gun fire, but it is. Tonight it was sleepwalkers, only saw it because I was flipping during battlebots. Evil demon woman takes a cop's service revolver. Fires once into two squad cars. Both cars blow up violently. Didn't know a .357 revolver could do that. Maybe the cop cars were hauling nitro glycerin. Later, a cop goes to demon lady's house. Takes his shotgun (pump of unknown type) with him. One shot takes out the locked door. Demon lady is in full demon form. One shot to the midsection from 6 feet away makes a hole but otherwise does nothing. He has at least two shots left, maybe up to seven shots. Let's play you make the call. In this situation do you: A) Use your remaining shots (between 2 and 7)from your 12 gauge, at 6 feet away, to shot the demon in the neck, where you have a pretty good probability of severing some demon head. B) Drop your still loaded shotgun and run for the back door. Well, if you're in a stephen king movie, you choose option B, knowing that while one round from a .357 magnum can blow up a car, two shots of 12 gauge anything is hopeless. Oh, and in the end, the demon was killed by cats. No, not mountain lions or tigers. House cats. Cats jumped on her and she burst into flames.
Link Posted: 7/14/2001 8:40:47 PM EST
Yeah, we could oppress him so he would know what were going through. Hey wait a minute! Wouldn't we just be playing into the hands of our enemies?
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