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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/30/2006 5:22:55 PM EST
If someone surrenders a weapon that they do not want to you does your dept mandate that you destroy it?
Link Posted: 3/30/2006 5:42:23 PM EST
The dept. is theo ne that owns the weapon then.

If it is not one we can use for duty or want to, it gets destroyed.
Link Posted: 3/30/2006 6:11:40 PM EST
An LEO buddy of mine just confiscated a practically new S&W 340 from a guy who had it in his posession while committing a felony (I don't know what exactly). Since the gun was considered 'usable', it became department property and is now his BUG. Not a bad deal considering it's a $600 gun.
Link Posted: 3/31/2006 6:38:24 AM EST
We have a lot of old guns that are department property. Most are stolen guns that we can't find owners to. (Keep your serial numbers on file!!!!)

We plan to sell them off to collectors one day. Don't know when though!!
Link Posted: 3/31/2006 9:54:47 AM EST
If someone just wants to surrender the weapon, we are not allowed to accept it. Our department views it as it's their responsibility as the owner for the security of the weapon and we won't clutter our arms room up with it. Then we have to deal with it. Heck, they can give them to me.
Link Posted: 3/31/2006 10:15:15 AM EST
We use some for "training/familiarization", like our H&R Reising.
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 7:15:00 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/3/2006 7:16:30 PM EST by stlshot]
YES Years ago we used to sell ,in bundles, to ffl only. NEVER to one of us (to prevent "he got a better one than I did" whining)now they all get burned. I mean about 5k guns at 35 bucks each(last auction price)..like we couldn't trade for new duty guns or something!!!!
Link Posted: 4/3/2006 7:48:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 2:46:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/4/2006 2:47:49 AM EST by justice23]
We destroy most of them unless they are C/R.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 4:31:49 AM EST
Wisconsin LE agencies cannot keep handguns--state statute 968.20(3)(b). They're sent to the state crime lab for destruction if the owner cannot be identified. In Wisconsin, locally anyway, a firearm used in the commission of a crime is ordered destroyed by the court.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 7:24:05 AM EST
[Last Edit: 4/4/2006 7:27:05 AM EST by mdb212]
Florida Statutes

790.08 Taking possession of weapons and arms; reports; disposition; custody.--

(1) Every officer making an arrest under s. 790.07, or under any other law or municipal ordinance within the state, shall take possession of any weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms mentioned in s. 790.07 found upon the person arrested and deliver them to the sheriff of the county, or the chief of police of the municipality wherein the arrest is made, who shall retain the same until after the trial of the person arrested.

(2) If the person arrested as aforesaid is convicted of violating s. 790.07, or of a similar offense under any municipal ordinance, or any other offense involving the use or attempted use of such weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms, such weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms shall become forfeited to the state, without any order of forfeiture being necessary, although the making of such an order shall be deemed proper, and such weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms shall be forthwith delivered to the sheriff by the chief of police or other person having custody thereof, and the sheriff is hereby made the custodian of such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms for the state.

(3) If the person arrested as aforesaid is acquitted of the offenses mentioned in subsection (2), the said weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms taken from the person as aforesaid shall be returned to him or her; however, if he or she fails to call for or receive the same within 60 days from and after his or her acquittal or the dismissal of the charges against him or her, the same shall be delivered to the sheriff as aforesaid to be held by the sheriff as hereinafter provided. This subsection shall likewise apply to persons and their weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms who have heretofore been acquitted or the charges against them dismissed.

(4) All such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms now in, or hereafter coming into, the hands of any of the peace officers of this state or any of its political subdivisions, which have been found abandoned or otherwise discarded, or left in their hands and not reclaimed by the owners shall, within 60 days, be delivered by such peace officers to the sheriff of the county aforesaid.

(5) Weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms coming into the hands of the sheriff pursuant to subsections (3) and (4) aforesaid shall, unless reclaimed by the owner thereof within 6 months from the date the same come into the hands of the said sheriff, become forfeited to the state, and no action or proceeding for their recovery shall thereafter be maintained in this state.

(6) Weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms coming into the hands of the sheriff as aforesaid shall be listed, kept, and held by him or her as custodian for the state. Any or all such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms suitable for use by the sheriff may be so used. All such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms not needed by the said sheriff may be loaned to any other department of the state or to any county or municipality having use for such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms. The sheriff shall take the receipt of such other department, county, or municipality for such weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms loaned to them. All weapons, electric weapons or devices, and arms which are not needed or which are useless or unfit for use shall be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the sheriff as provided in chapter 705 or as provided in the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act. All sums received from the sale or other disposition of the said weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms disposed of by the sheriff under chapter 705 as aforesaid shall be paid into the State Treasury for the benefit of the State School Fund and shall become a part thereof. All sums received from the sale or other disposition of any such weapons, electric weapons or devices, or arms disposed of by the sheriff under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act shall be disbursed as provided therein.

(7) This section does not apply to any municipality in any county having home rule under the State Constitution.

History.--s. 3, ch. 3620, 1885; RS 2424; GS 3270; RGS 5103; CGL 7205; s. 1, ch. 22049, 1943; s. 1, ch. 65-189; ss. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, ch. 67-523; s. 3, ch. 67-2207; ss. 20, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 2, ch. 76-165; s. 24, ch. 79-8; s. 12, ch. 80-68; s. 1, ch. 83-21; s. 17, ch. 97-93; s. 1207, ch. 97-102.

Our Sheriff's Office trades those that are legal (serial numbers intact, legal barell and overall length, etc) to an FFL dealer in exchange for duty weapons. We cannot sell them for cash, or the funds become property of the State. If there are any that we can use, we convert them to department use.

If someone wants to dispose of one, we take a report as such, enter the gun into evidence, and it goes with the rest of them: traded, disposed of, or converted.

If we do have one that is illegal, we take it to a local foundry to be melted down. The evidence custodian supervises and certifies that all are destroyed.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 9:43:32 AM EST
All confiscated/turn in guns get destroyed. Doesn't matter if it's worth $1 or $1mil it's get melted. Sheriff used to sell them but media threw big fit about Saturday nights specials & such being sold for pocket cahange & ending back on the street. Buddy of mine from academy used to work in the firearms branch & he said there were tons of collecter grade guns & such that were destroyed every year.
Link Posted: 4/4/2006 11:25:15 AM EST
that makes me want to cry, so if i live in texas and want to get my hands on some really nice cheap guns do yall have any suggestions?
Link Posted: 4/5/2006 3:40:46 AM EST
Originally Posted By hkusp9:
that makes me want to cry,

Me too. When I got my pistol back after a theft, it had already been assigned back to the recovering PD by the court, with a copy of the order stating to "dispose of as they saw a need to". Luckily I'd entered my S/N's in LEADS, and they recognized the Orignating Department (next door).

I'm not sure about IL statute, but most of the NIMBY soccer mom's would have a fecal fit if our PD's sold anything. (that and several notoriously anti Chiefs)
Link Posted: 4/5/2006 4:14:36 AM EST
We destroy ours.
Link Posted: 4/5/2006 7:49:39 AM EST
One of these days my dept. is going to sell off all the guns we have. I pray to god that I will have the cash to buy all of our m1 carbines. Right now they are our duty rifles, although only 2 of us are rifle certified.
Link Posted: 4/5/2006 12:37:24 PM EST
ok texas LE officials, speak up and let me know when yall have auctions and how i can take part in one, im waiting for my mint contidion M1A1 or M14 for $100! I know that yall are just sitting on stockpiles of weapons that you would love to give away for next to nothing.
Link Posted: 4/6/2006 10:21:23 AM EST
My Dept is required by our City to GRIND the guns after the case has been disposed of. About three years ago I was in the property room when they were getting a load ready to ship out. Mostly there were the junky Lorcins and Ravens with a couple of low end 1911's but I made the mistake of taking a little too close of a look at what was leaving. In the group was a beautiful M1 Garand, I would have called it collector grade. I didn't know the story of how it got there but ever since that day I am not allowed in the property room during the disposal inventory.
Link Posted: 4/6/2006 10:30:56 AM EST
In WA it is very common for LE Agencies to sell the weapons to dealers at auction. I know a guy who goes to the auctions.
Link Posted: 4/6/2006 7:55:47 PM EST
This made me cry, just today a partner of mine had to turn in a Winchester, model of 1882, made in 1884 I looked it up, in 75-80% condition,worth about $2,000.00 or so. Smooth action and a sweet trigger,hope it goes to a museum,I was angry about that one,most of the turn in weapons are junk but this one was sweet.
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