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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/29/2005 10:01:26 AM EST
Anyone know where to look or call for info on Dept. purchase surplus M16s?
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 3:42:05 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 8:02:07 PM EST
[Last Edit: 12/29/2005 8:10:07 PM EST by Bucky145]
1033 program. I got some for my department in Illinois. Contact the state rep and they will let you know what is available and how many your agency can get. Here is the state rep info off a 1033 web site. Ours look a bit ruff but run very well, and will go full auto.

Mr. Paul J. Campbell
Acting Director
Department of Central Management Services
1924 South 10 1/2 Street
FAX: 217-558-1792
POC1:Mr. Curtis Howard
POC2:Mr. Nick Stevens

and some more info

Under Section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1997 (10 U.S.C.2576a) the Secretary of Defense may transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including weapons, that the Secretary determines is suitable for use by the agencies in law enforcement activities. Agencies in law enforcement activities are defined as government agencies whose primary function is the enforcement of applicable Federal, State and Local laws and whose law enforcement officers have powers of arrest and apprehension. All requests for weapons from State and local law enforcement agencies must be submitted through the appropriate governor appointed State coordinator for approval. A listing of State coordinators is available upon request from the Defense Logistics Agency's Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO). The following procedures must be followed when submitting requests.

On agency letterhead answer the following questions in narrative form. Please address each question in a separate paragraph.

1. Administrative Data: Name, Address, Phone and FAX umbers of the requesting agency. Full name of the chief executive official of the requesting agency. Any additional points of contact.

2. The LESO must receive written assurance from the chief executive official of the requesting agency that he/she has:

a. Read and understands the terms and conditions applicable to weapon transfers as detailed in the Memorandum of Agreement between the Defense Logistics Agency and the governor appointed State coordinator, (contact applicable State coordinator for copy of agreement):
b. That the agency has the abilities to maintain, operate, finance and properly store the requested weapons, (a description of agencies plan would best answer this requirement):

c. And that the chief executive official of the requesting agency is familiar with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) regulations governing the registration of the requested weapons.

3. The type and quantity of weapons being requested, its intended use, and the impact the resource will have on the requesting agency jurisdiction and on surrounding jurisdictions. NOTE - Restrict request types to; M-14 (7.62mm), .45 cal pistol, .38 cal revolver, 4" barrel, and Shotgun (12ga). Also, requests for a number of weapons in excess of the total number of full time sworn offices will not be honored.
4. The size of the requesting agencies jurisdiction by population and area.

5. The signature of the chief executive official of the requesting agency.

The letter must be forwarded to the State coordinator for state review. If approved at the state level the request will be forwarded to LESO for action. A request approved at the State level is no guarantee that the requesting agency will receive the weapons being requested. Agencies approved to receive weapons will be contacted by their State Coordinator. Questions regarding this application should be directed to your State Coordinator.

Edit to add the web site. http://www.dla.mil/j-3/leso/default.asp

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