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Posted: 11/2/2004 12:34:15 PM EST

We are having voting at my National Guard Armory today, so I have been stuck here doing plainclothes security most of the day (with an M9 on my hip, under my shirt).

This hugely fat couple came in earlier. The woman was barely able to waddle in to the polling room, and came out on her own a few minutes later, sitting down near me (I was manning the front desk at the time). After a few minutes she asked who was in charge of the polling place. A plainclothes deputy began speaking to her, and she said that there was a problem with her ballot.

This woman was not strong enough to tear the perforated edge off of her ballot, and feed it into the machine. She asked an election volunteer to do it for her, but the volunteers are not allowed to touch ballots once they have been filled out, so the volunteer refused. The fatty then threw her ballot on top of the machine, and told the volunteer to just throw it in the trash.

After she told us all this, her husband also waddled out, having finished voting, and as they left, he started loudly complaining about how she had been denied the right to vote, and not to worry because we would be hearing about this soon enough.

I talked to the volunteer supervisor a few minutes later, and she told me that they kept the woman's ballot, and it would still be counted.

To me, it is incredibly pathetic that someone can claim they have been denied the right to vote because they are too weak to tear a sheet of paper for themselves. She has no one but herself to blame for this, not to mention that she could have asked her husband to tear the edge off the sheet for her - I guess she just wanted something to complain about though.

Some people.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 12:36:30 PM EST
She was probably strong enough to open the package on that ding dong, twinkie or hoho she had for breakfast this morning.
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