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Posted: 10/29/2004 12:54:42 AM EDT
I am going to throw out a feeler here to get an overall opinion or consensus. Before I go into the meat of the situation as I understand I will likely speak loosley of my own beliefs, therefore try and have an objective opinion and not attack me, PLEASE. Read the thread totally before responding, PLEASE!!!

It looks increasingly likely the next president will select 1 to 5 supreme court justices, with this in mind I would like to hear your opinions and breifly lay out my own based on what I perceive as a serious threat to CIVIL RIGHTS on both ends. I think to point out exactly how little I think of Kerry I should start with GWB. As I understand it as little as one pro-choice justice stepping down will be enough to get Rowe vs. Waye overturned. If Bush is re-elected it seems a rational conclusion he will not send a pro-choice for Senate confirmation. Perspectively Bush could send five justices for confirmation and if GWB is anything he is consistant and predictable. I feel this would constitute a loaded deck for the certain overturn of Rowe vs. Waye. I feel it neccessary to say first I am pro choice, but uncomfortable with abortion I don't condone it but feel it is not my right to decide for others. I think abortion should be a womans individual choice, not a church's or government's. Without abortion there will certainly more welfare children, and lets face it many are not ready to be parents and shouldn't be! Adoption will never be viable for all these new children, Adoption is a beautiful thing but it is not a going to handle the newly elevated birth rate. The next part I am not totally clear on but I often hear Libs air it out so I will attempt to lay it out. They beleive with the newly appointed GWB justices will help subvert some of our rights. Patriot Act type laws, free spech, censorship, media controls, emergency preidential powers to throw out some theories I've heard. Generally EXPANDING BIG BROTHER!!!!!! If what I have heard is fact the government has expanded its reach and size under GWB than in any other administration in recent history?????

Now Kerry, I do not have to point out his record to anyone here!!! The most important issue to anyone here is their Second Ammendment right to bear arms. So long as the House and Senate remain under Republican control most gun legislation dies on the floor, thankfully!!! However I beleive a few new SC Justices offer Kerry a new avenue to pursue his obvious anti gun agenda!!!! We have all seen some of the Liberal ideals first hand in our schools and I beleive it disturbs most here myself more than most I beleive. I personally do not beleive religion has a place in our schools either, I find both disturbing, SERVANT OF STATE or SERVANT OF THE CHURCH I'm against both their has to be another secular option where are beleifs are respected as well as are differences. The whole seperation of church and state part of the Constitution is meant to protect the government from the church. Jefferson was a forward thinking genious taking into account are differences and the fact that a government controlled by religion is not a government of the people, LOOK TO THE MIDDLE EAST FOR AN EXAMPLE!!!!! Religion embodies some of the best and worst parts of humanity, their are commonalities in Americas 3 major religions but there are also differences and the government of the people for the people should not have a hand in it's peoples religions or force one religions beleifs on all its people. I realize I got off subject but I felt best to explain my views clearly as I am sure I will be attacked on them in short order. Now back to the growingly communist-like education system I m sure most will remember the School Rules Post about 2 months back, I think this is one of the best examples of what will be advanced under Kerry. Then back to the gun issue, Kerry is predictable here. Gun controls represent a partial but not total infringement of your rights under the guise of safety or the government acting on your behalf. Since Kerry will no doubt use this as a launch pad for other agendas, I believe it doesn't stop with guns.

Someone yesterday proposed the Idea of a NONE OF THE ABOVE OPTION!!!! He said this actually happens in some countries. So say if 25% of the population vote N.O.T.A the candidates on the ballot can no longer run. This I feel is an option that may quickly force change as you really only have two realistic options COMMY ASSCLOWN or VILLAGE IDIOT.

here is a list of things I would love to see and believe would force change: in no particular order
1. Term limits in Congress and Senate
2. National Sales Tax = government gets it funds through goods purchased eliminating the need for IRS / no income or social security taxes taken out on payday you keep you your gross pay and scale back bereaucrasy.
3. Partial or total privatization of social security / however make it mandatory as with this we would phase out SS
4. Fair and balanced media coverage of more than two candidates
5. Third party candidates taking seats government House and Senate

These soon to be appointed SC Judges will have far reaching effects I have lain out my beleif of the changes they will affect. I beleive both candidates will infringe are rights to some degree, so I see it as which rights do you want to give up???? Also I laid out my opinion of good possible changes I would like to see.

What are your beleifs on these perspective justices, what will their effect be?????

Link Posted: 10/29/2004 1:10:04 AM EDT
Forgot 2 more government reform possibilities
1. Reform or do away with the electoral college
2. reform the campaign process give candidates mandatory time with media outlets. TV time Radio time More Debates more tightly scrutinized campaign funding open to public view. There are no shortage of media outlets willing to give airtime to candidates.

also how about media that ask follow up questions?????
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