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Posted: 4/24/2016 10:58:01 PM EDT
Okay GD; here goes....

You can travel back in time for a period of 6 months.  You can only go to a period roughly 1530-1590 (Think end of Henry VIII's reign to when Shakespeare
was around in his 30s).

You can take back 5 pieces of music to either influece culture or fucking seduce the shit out of rich noblewomen/queens without regard to any other things that could fuck up the timeline (like technology and shit).

The only restriction:  You can't take shit back from Danzig, GWAR, Ministry, Norwegian Death Metal (or anything else that would likely end in your trial for heresy, witchcraft, or otherwise result in your immediate execution) and
it's got to be able to be played by period instruments (ie, unplugged).

I got to thinking about this earlier today when I was thinking about how dirty women in the 15-16th century would respond to Hall & Oates or Duran Duran.  Don't ask me why...but I was.

So GD....what would you take back and why?  
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