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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/28/2006 8:51:25 PM EST
Summary of responses to question #1. Why can't Mexico be a first world country instead of a third world country.

First off, a preemptive statement is in order. Why am I sounding like I'm trying to tell Mexico how to conduct its business? Because, illegal immigrants (or at least certain left oriented elements of them) from an unjust, corrupt country are coming into my country and demanding that we run it to suit what they think they need. These immigrants are spurred on by the unjust and incapable president of Mexico who also makes demands on the American people to provide the justice that he refuses to provide. The purpose of the series of questions I am posing is to encourage an American response to the abominable injustice of the country of Mexico. The ultimate goal is start the process to build a Mexican Republic and to save the oldest Republic. Everything is at stake now. We could have a peoples socialist republic neighbor or a true Republic based on Liberty as a neighbor.

Right now, the protestors sound like communists or damn good impersonators of communists. Who is Cesar Chavez and why did the protests start on Cesar Chavez day?

American politicians aren't addressing the question with any pratical response. Blaming American employers is not the answer. More free rides for Mexicans is not the answer. More free health care is not the answer. Making illegal aliens legal is not the answer. The answer is to fix Mexico. We can start by challenging the illegals to figure out just what country is more unjust; the country they will die to leave or the country they protest to stay in?

And now the summary:

No one disagreed (as of my last reading of responses) with the following statements:

Mexico is an unjust country.
Mexicans will not get the justice they seek so long as they demand justice in lieu of standing up for liberty.

In fact, many responders supported these contentions with stories of corruption. The number one reason given for Mexico being a third world country is corruption. I too have heard of "the bite" from a Mexican national working with a green card in the United States. This person, who is a "white" Mexican, spoke of how people the police put the bite on you if you are successful.

Last year in Houston, there was a story of how several city of Houston Police Officers were putting the bite on local hispanic owned bars. All of the police officers were obviously Indian Hispanics. The officers were given 20year sentences if I recall correctly. I remember being outraged that they were trying to import that particular form of criminal behaviour. These stories are mentioned with racial references to illustrate the point that I do not believe Mexico's corruption has much to do with the particular racial or cultural charateristics of particular Mexicans be they white or be they Indian. It seems that the corruption comes from all sides and is received by all sides.

Not many people know that Mexico has a nuclear power plant. I knew an American who worked on this project and he related what a disaster the project was. The concrete was supplied and poured by someone whose qualifications for pouring concrete to nuclear specs was that he was a brother in law of someone important.

Other responders included the lack of property rights under Spanish law as compared to English law.
The socialistic and downright communistic leanings of certain elements of Mexican society were also pointed out.

One particular poster, King of Tyrants had an exceptional post pertaining to the fundamental differences between the American Republic and the Spanish and French imperial governments that have contributed to the unjustness of modern Mexico.

So far, so good. I'll buy all of it. (Yes, America has problems too, but starving, and dying in the desert to escape poverty just isn't one of them unless you go out of your way to do so.)

Many people pointed to the disparity of the rich and poor as being a cause for Mexico being a third world country. These responses took several different angles. I see the disparity as an effect of and a proof of Mexico's unjustness rather than a reason for the unjustness.

No one mentioned (at the point I read the respones) the effect of the Catholic Church as a cause for unjustness in Mexico. Well, I'm was baptized at birth and confirmed (not too long ago) through the Catholic Church and I love the church for all that it has taught me about Jesus Christ, God and being a decent human being. But the Church needs to stay the hell out of politics. Jesus was asked a political question once and he said "Give that which is Ceasars to Ceasar." I have always taken this as Jesus' way of staying on topic. I figured Jesus wanted his church to do the same. In the end, politics played a role in Jesus crucifixition.

There is a certain element of the Catholic Church that has either a leftist inclination or is actually a purposeful communist infiltration of the church. (Please, for the love of God, note the use of the word element here, as in a portion of, not the whole.) These people are actively criticizing America for being an unjust country. My question to them is if America is the unjust country then why do Mexicans leave Mexico for America? Why do I not hear these representatives of the church criticize Mexico for its unjustness that forces Mexicans to leave in the first place?

My advice to those Priests that involve themselves in politics is to follow Jesus' example. Stay out of it. Teach the word of Jesus. You just might find his word will work to fade corruption away. I'm pretty sure I might be pretty damn corrupt and depraved myself if it weren't for the lessons I learned in Catholic elementary school. My point is letting Mexicans across the border isn't helping them to be less corrupt. There are making demands on those that provide them jobs in another land instead of making demands on those that have failed them in their own country. The protestors are acting like they own America and America owes them when they don't even own Mexico and they expect nothing from Mexico.

Stay tuned for Question number two tomorrow.
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 1:52:01 AM EST
Damn thats long.
How about a summary of the summary?
Link Posted: 3/29/2006 3:03:41 AM EST

Originally Posted By snarfbatt:
Damn thats long.
How about a summary of the summary?

it took less than 5 minutes, read it and maybe you'll start to understand what is really going on.
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