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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/8/2001 8:45:55 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 8:50:22 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 10:44:46 AM EST
This has happened again and again and again. It's also no different then when certain people burn down their own neighborhoods in this country. They have all been taught that when you throw a tantrum you get attention, as well as others who will rebuild everything that was destroyed. We need to stop trying to save the world FROM ITSELF. It's a thankless job.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 10:52:05 AM EST
They dont have to worry about PC or being "tolerant"
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:03:56 AM EST
First we dropped bombs.... Then we dropped food.... I seriously question if we will win this war. We are just too Politically Correct.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:15:17 AM EST
Civilization Envy.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:21:53 AM EST
Originally Posted By GoatBoy: So what the hell do they do, they march on any westerners in their country, MOST of which are the media and aid workers... These dumb asses set fire to the UNICEF offices forcing those people to take refuge in hotels. It's one thing to stand up to US Government or military forces and personel, but to people who are there to help with the humanitarian aid??? GET A FRICKEN CLUE MORONS!!! IMHO, they should be treated as enemies along side the terrorist. Enough is enough.
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Goatboy, these protestors (or at least their leaders) are CRAZY! Crazy like a FOX that is! They want to destabilize the Pakistani government. During a time when that country is being flooded by refugees from Afghanistan, what better way to cause chaos than to chase out relief workers with thousands of starving and sick people at their doorstep?!! DaMan
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:24:07 AM EST
All we have to do is stop the relief....Pakistan will stop letting them in, and they will starve to death. Historically Afghanstan has been a worthless country. But we always do the right thing
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:34:47 AM EST
The protests undoubtedly are staged by the Taleban, the people maybe afraid if they don't partake in them, someone will turn them into the Tailbenders.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 11:55:57 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 1:39:34 PM EST
i think we have enough "tin foil hat wearin', don't trust anyone, conspiracy theorizin', ... " people on this site alone that it is pretty clear what kind of people would attack and burn down these international humanitarian agencies. "we are here to help you" never sounds like a good thing to those who are afraid, paranoid, and desperate, whether justifiably so or not. scott out
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 2:26:56 PM EST
UN buildings were burned? Whoohooo! I don't like the terrorists or anything, but I HATE the UN. Its not like the UN was doing anything good there. The UN is actually a clearinghouse of terrorists. If we want to help get rid of terrorists, the UN HQ in NY is what needs bombed too.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 2:39:19 PM EST
What are you talking about, GB? UNICEF is run by the UN, and lots of freedom-loving folks hate the UN. Also, I can't blame the Paks for rioting against America. Where the hell are the antiwar protestst here? This bombing campaign is a big joke. They're wasting bombs and missiles on empty camps and using humanitarian aid flights as propaganda. Those aid flights are just a calculated attempt at maintaining public support by US leftists, as well as a way to confuse the enemy into firing at aid flights or make the Afghans unable to tell whether they will be bombed or fed. Total psychological warfare! I find it cruel to pretend to care but really use an extended hand to cause destruction. That's about as barbaric as it gets. And nothing you see on tv can be trusted anymore. Everything is a lie now. Every bit of news is twisted and carefully managed. Every night our local news people do a story about the local airport. Every night it's the same message--the lines are long, but nobody minds. Guard troops have loaded M-16s. Now what message are they trying to convey? Never a discussion about whether or not a military presence is warranted or what it means to now have a police state. Nothing but "You must obey or you will be shot." I think that message is clear enough. And now there's talk of the US bombing more countries. Talk about not knowing what the fuck else to do except go for broke! There is no good outcome going to come of this.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 2:48:16 PM EST
commonly called here in texas as a dumb mother f*cker [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 3:28:08 PM EST
G B It`s another example of the times we live in today.....things are really screwed up...(people are really screwed up).....I don`t know if most of us just don`t understand, or simply cannot relate to how many of the other countries people view life.....at any rate, we hav`nt seen the worst of it yet.......[smoke]
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 4:12:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 5:45:07 PM EST
we can't get all wadded up over some small group of boneheads [in Pakistan] when we have bigger fish to fry. that applies to life in general. you can see small groups of boneheads in your own country on a semi-daily basis on TV doing things designed to torque you up. just gotta let it go. **big picture** best case scenario, these countries stabilize politically and join the rest of the moderate nations in the region that we can work with on mutual interests. remember, there are a ton of college educated professionals who were thrown into poverty and displaced when the Afghanistan economy went south. now they wander the countryside trying to survive under some extremist gubmint. there are prolly ~7.5 million displaced citizens wandering around trying to stay away from "US targets" and at the same time just trying to not starve or freeze to death. scott out
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 5:47:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/8/2001 5:43:27 PM EST by LotBoy]
I vote for Morons.
Link Posted: 10/8/2001 6:29:46 PM EST
trickshot, 100% true. this is a joke if nothing else. we're a bunch of sorry individuals without a clue where this Bin Laden guy is. we'll waste a few more billion, then claim victory.
Link Posted: 10/9/2001 4:41:23 AM EST
Originally Posted By GoatBoy: What gets me is that every country has poverty and homeless issues, so why waste our resources on people who don't even want it??? F' them, lets look at our own countries and allies and help them out! ]=)
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Most likely an attempt to control their government....or at least general opinion....for whatever reason, that the intelligence people could answer...if they would.....(let`s ask some journalists, I`m SURE they have a answer).........[;D]
Link Posted: 10/9/2001 4:52:21 AM EST
Another Vietnam? Political wise?
Link Posted: 10/9/2001 5:36:58 AM EST
In many ways yes......hopefully "we" have smartened up a little.............what I find as a example of "screwed up".....the palestinians are now shooting each other......this supports a couple things stated here.....yes...they ARE morons.......and yes they don`t know for sure what to believe in......since uncle is so kind, in the end we can straighten them out and give them all definite direction...that is, AFTER we get rid of the "bad guys".....then fork over lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$[whacko]
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