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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/20/2001 6:35:21 PM EST
- Dear AR15.com members. I'm from AK-47.net, and I recently posted a storry about me in Chechnya. I'm an ex Russian paratrooper, and now I live in US. I would like to share it with you all. - Excuse me for speling and errors. I'm not going to say my name, but everyone called me Ramzes ( after an Egyptian pharaoh ). I was very young when I was enrolled in Basic Training. In Russia its a requirement to be in the military. The year was 93, January 2nd most of you probably got drunk, laid or went to shoot your AKs with your friends, celebrating the New Year. For me January 2nd was very,very painful. I was new, didn't know anyone. I walked into baraks with my BDUs and a bag with soap, tooth brush and some crackers. I was 65th Airborne of 106th. I heared horrific storries from older friends about the army, beating up, torturing, even murder. But most of all the suicides. I heared that someone in the 82nd motorized division BT, couldn't take this shit anymore, and walked into barracks at night with FG1 grenade and killed 7 of his friends, MPs were scooping up his guts and bones later that night. Thinking about that made me look down when I walked into barracks of my platoon, I didn't want to make an eye contact with anyone thinking " What if I look, and this guy with a tattoo of a skull with a prachoute is going to knock out my teeth. But no, fuckin NO ... I walked into a room full of brothers who would die for you. They welcomed me by our old tradition, I was sitting at the table with my wrist on the book. An older paratrooper came up to me, took out a screw driver and stabbed me with it in my wrist. For a second I didn't know what to do, I knew about this trick :if you scream or cry , then you will piss blood because your kidneys will be smashed by 20 boots. I started pounding on the table with my right fist, trying to not think about my pain. - Do you wana be a paratrooper ?he was screaming and spitting at me - YEEES, YESS FUCKIN YES - through the pain I was screaming back at him -Will you die for us little bitch ? - he asked me even louder by smacking me. - YEEEEEEES And he took the screwdriver out and poured some Rodnichok ( cheap Vodka ) on my bleeding purple hand. I'm looking at the scar now and still feel the smell of alchohol mixed with blood, and me slowly passing out becuase of the pain. Most of this things and people were blured out, and the smell of alchohol made me throw up. Later that day, everyone huged me and I became their brother. Through out our training we became best I don't wanna say friends, but BEST BROTHERS !!!!
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:39:57 PM EST
URUS MARTAN region, Chechnya 1995 I took out a pack of Camel Lights out of my pocket. Made in USA said on the pack. I picked it up off the dead rebel back in Gudermes. My zippo lighter was silver with Harley Davidson on it, I traded for 5 full magazines 5.45 in Grozny. The lighter was almost empty, but after 4 tries i finally got the flame out of it. - "Ramzes, you are fucked man. Don't smoke on empty stomach." - said my friend Pitbull, sitting next to my on our BTR-80 - "Agh, fuck it." - I replied, but knowing that it will hurt here in a sec. We all looked at our Kombat ( Commander of battalion ) with a sad face, because the fuckin engine on BTR was so loud, I finished my cigaret took the filter out, took out a new one, broke the filter off of it, and I got my self quick earplugs. I smoked the unfultered cigaret, and damn was is nasty. But the engine kept us warm, it was early March, and it was fuckin freezing outside. Driver, commander, and 6 Spets Naz " SOBR " guys inside were lucky bastards. Inside of a BTR in Chechnya in early March, is like inside of a limo with a hot girl on top of you topless. I'm holding my AKs-74, have to taped clips, and about 4 in my vest. Next to me is "MAX", our sniper. Holding his baby SVD, with costume optics. Max was only 5'4", but the sick fuck could hit a cap off the bottle at 100yrds. His my mom died when he was 13, she got drunk, and jumped off the 7th floor. So for him being in Chechnya was like being back home in Rostov on Don, all he cared was his mom. His dad I guess left them when Max was very young. To the right is "Pitbull" with his PK, this dude is the biggest in our platoon. He got called into Chechnya a year before me. He was always calm, but today he knew that ZACHISTKA ( cleaning a town, searching for injured rebels or for weapons that could be found in peoples houses) could be our last one. 2 Days ago OMON unit from PERM got ambushed near the village, and out of 48 guys only 3 survived and got captured by rebels. So going into this little fuckin town was a bad idea, we knew from the start. But is ok, we had SpetsNaz inside, and they are the some bad ass warriors. Our objective is simple, 2 BTRs, 4 BMPs and 2 URAL trucks with OMON troops, all we had to do is get in the town, surround it, and check every single house. If shit hits the fan, Spetsnaz is on stand by. We are driving on the small road, and I'm looking at the hills, and tree lines thinking about 246TH OMON that got butchered in this area, we drove by a black/orange huge chunk of metal, with a turret laying next to it, and black liquid shit all over the place. - BLOOD, fuckin BLOOD of our brothers - said Pitbull pointing at the ground . The first BMP-2 stoped, and we all looked at it, and I'm thinking ; FUCK, i hope the driver didn't find a mine, or a mortar round with wires sticking out of the road. We stopped 40 ft away from remains of URAL truck, and I think it was a T-72, it was hard to recognize it, becuase it looked like a piece of charcoal with shit sticking out of it. -GOD DAMN, what the fuck did they hit it with ??- I asked - Fuckin "duhi" (nickname for rebels, translation is "ghost") detonated a 125mm. - Pitbull answered to me, still looking at the front BMP and 2 guys coming out of it. -What the fuck are they doing ?- I asked with a confused look
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:40:47 PM EST
No reply from Pitbull or Max. -Pit, what the fuck do you think they are doing ?- I shaked him -DOn't know man, he moved towards the commander's hatch and asked him: "KOMBAT, why stoping for ? They were talking, and Pitbull was looking at something that Kombat pointed at. Pitbull moved back, and said " Check it out, the guy knows the crew that died here 2 nights ago." I looked at the driver of a first BMP, he was slowly walking towards the wreck of something, I guess BMP. Behind him was another driver and 2 Spetsnaz guys. They came to the wreck, and poured little bit of vodka, over it, and crossing himself ( orthodox tradition ). He then took out a piece of bread, and left the flask with vodka and piece of bread next to the wreck. The souls of our guys who died here, will come at night, drink and eat. I crossed myself, so did Pitbull, and others. We shaked, BTR took off fast. I took out another cigaret, still looking back at the remains of the battle. Max asked me for one, I had 6 left, but I hoped that I will get more cigaretts in the village. - Why the fuck nobody cleaned this mess yet? - I asked while passing the zippo to Max. - We are the second ones here since, the 12th Division cleaned boddies here last night.- answered to me our Kombat. 2 Fuckin days, nobody had enough balls to come there and pick up the dead bodies of our guys. What the fuck man. First half of our convoy, turned left and I knew we are very close. My hand was getting cold, holding my cold 74 with no gloves, hurted my fingers. Here it fuckin comes, village is coming out of the morning fog. "GEHI" the name of the village. I looked at my watch it was after 6am. I heared on the radio from inside of the Kombats hatch"
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:42:42 PM EST
- 8th , 8th , this is Desant 4, can you hear me, over ? -Desant 4, this is 8th, I can hear you. -Desant 8 we are coming up on the North side of the town, we will clean the first 5 streets, and will meet you by the post office, over. - Roger, Desant 4 over.- yelled our Kombat. Ok guys listen up, 1st and 2nd Desant is cleaning East, 3rd and 4th North, so we are taking South and West. I want 5 gourps. Each group 4 guys. Leave all the "Podstvolniki" ( GP25 grenade launchers) , and "Muhi" ( RPG22 disposable launchares ) in the BTR. DOn't want fire just yet. Let's go fucker go go go . I'm jumping out of our BTR, moving towards the first house while Max is covering me with the Drag. I came next to the wall, and signaled to Pitbull to come to me. Pitbull started running with the PK, and my other friend "Shura" ( short for Sasha ). Max was the last one to come. I saw another group of guys moving in. The BTR moved towards a "Vegetable market " there was nobody outside, all we heared was Pibulls radio, and the fuckin BTR's engine going WROOOM WROOOOOOOM. We surrounded the village after 15 minutes. Here comes the first house. We are not welcomed in the URUS MARTAN region, I heard a lot about how some ZACHISTKAS went bad, a lot of villagers have some kind of explosives, just waiting for us to find it, and then BOOOOOOM you don't exist anymore. Pitbull asked our Kombat on the radio; " Kombat, do we have to knock?" This was my first, but Pitbull had many of those cleanings around Gudermes, which is much safer then this shit hole. "No, break the fuckin door, no warning when you enter." Yelled our Kombat. I moved in first again, Pitbull was next to me, he broke the door like it was made out of paper. We got inside, while Max was outside with Shura, covering us. - EVERYONE ON THE FUCKIN FLOOR !!!!!!!!!!!- yelled Pitbull, at the people. ON THE FLOOR FUCKERS, NOW NOW NOW Some poor old guy was sleeping, and his old wife was with him, they got up quckly all confused crying :" Please, please don't shoot. We are civilians, no bandits or rebels." With heavy Russian accent, I could understand that. I was aiming at the old guy, while Pitbull dragged the old lady on the floor, and asked her :" Who else is in the house? Anyone else? Answer bitch" -"No nobody else, just us 2. We have IDs and everything, we are no bad people." -"I don't give a fuck about your IDs, If i find anyone else in this house, I'm shooting you without questions bitch. Ramzes watch those fuckers, I'll check the other rooms, and the basement."
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:43:17 PM EST
With my rifle I pointed at the bed saying: -"Get back on the bed both of you, on the bed " She just started asking me : " Are you going to shoot, please we are just civilians, don't shoot. " "I'm not going to shoot you, just pelase get on the bed, and stay there. Is there anyone else here ? Do you have any ammo or weapons ?- I asked in a calm way. -"No, we don't have anything, but we have nothing to do with the ambush 2 nights ago on your convoy." - said old men with a much better Russian. -"Don't worry, we are here to check on the town, maybe someone knows who did it.You should be ok" - I just said it so they don't panic. I was getting nervous, because Pit didn't come out of the basement for like 10 minutes. I yelled " Pit, are you ok there ? Everything is cool ?" He came out holding an old fuckin VCR and some old tapes. He smiled and said : "i can get $5 for it in Grozny.Ok old fucks you are clean, go back to bed, if i see you out of the house, my man Max over there is going to put a bullet throught your stupid muslim head, understand ?" They just said : " yeah sure, just don't burn our house " We came outside, and Shura grabbed the VCR off Pitbul, and we signaled Max to move to us. So he came and breathing hard said : FUCK, oooff seeee cond got all fuucked up man." -What do you mean ? Slow down, WHAT ?- asked Pitbull - The 2nd got shot up North, 6 blocks from here. Here ask 7th they are on the radio with them now.- said Max while grabbing us and moving us towards the 7th. I was runing and saw, people coming out of their houses, we just yelled at them telling them go back inside or we will shoot. -Jenya, Jenya this is 7th, what street..... - was yelling some guy from the 7th platoon.
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:45:43 PM EST
Apparently the 2nd platoon inspected some house that had injured rebels in it, so our guys fired at them without asking any questions. The 2nd didn't report it to us, so we took it as they were under attack. Making smart decisions in this fuckin war is hard, so we have to make one quick. Usually its wrong, and we pay, oh we pay hard. Max started arguing with others about this misunderstanding issue. We almost got in the fight, with our own guys, that's bad. But the worst came later. We finished cleaning the rest of the houses, taking away everything that we could take. VCRs, TV's, Clothes, Books, Food was always the best, nobody fucked with chickens or cows because that's too much mess, and locals would feed them with fucked up shit, so if we would it we would wish that we were dead. But we emptied all the refrigerators and dry storages in the houses. We had 2 more blocks left, and my mood changed. I started joking around with guys, and felt better. This house looked weird, I had this feeling that there is something not right inside. 7th division said that they will take that one, and we should take the final block, and meet up with rest of guys at the post office. We moved, this time walking like you would walk on the sidewalk. And then it happened ........ I knew it was a 7.62x54, because only 2 guns sound like that. One is Mossin Nagant, but I don't think it was Nagant, because Mossin is a bolt, not semi auto. Another shot came fast, and another. we turned around, and looked at the 7th platoon. 1 guy was on the ground screaming and trying to get up, while others were screaming at him to stay down. They took cover by the fences. Me, Pitbull and Max ran towards a house to take some cover and see whats up. I've never heard anyone scream like this, it really gets you, another shot came. I saw that one when it hit the injured guy in the neck, he started twitching and blood was coming out fast. Someone yelled " FUUUCK, FUUCK, sniper , fuckin sniper. Guys get us out of here. Guys come on... Another shot, the sniper was trying to shut them up. The 7th platoon was the youngest in our division. Most of the guys were 16-17. Most of them dumped out of the school, and joined army. Mister Yeltsin promised them good buck if they go to Chechnya and kick some muslim ass, but what he forgot was that Chechens are more brutal and more trained then a 16 year old drop out with AK-74. -"Fuck, where is 6th and 4th fuckin shit"- i was saying every single bad word I knew.
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:46:24 PM EST
This time shots came our way, we dropped like bags of sand on the ground, I saw a brick fence and I tolled everyone lets move there. Bullets were hitting above us, not trying to kill us, this was fuckin crazy shit. we finally got more cover by the wall, and a pile of trees. Pitbull reached for the radio, but he was so nervous that he couldn't find the right fuckin channel. Max was looking through his custom PSO, and saying almost crying : "oooh fuck maan, they are so fucked, what the fuck lets do something." I looked through the opening and saw 7th platoon getting shot up to pieces. I don't maybe 5 or 6 guys were still alive on the ground trying to crawl back. Where the fuck was the back up, i don't know, but we knew that another 10 minutes and there will be a memorial plate dedicated to 7th platoon. And then its us. The sound of every fuckin shot that came from those snipers made us all shake. Finally Pitbull got on the channel with the 2nd, and said that " WE ARE UNDER A FUCKIN ATTACK, WE ARE NOT FAR FROM POST OFFICE COME NOW , 7th is FUCKED. We didn't hear the answer, and we looked at each other , Max got up and ran towards the house we just came from, Shura followed him but then jumped and dropped on the ground rolling around and screaming. I wanted to run too, and was waiting for the right moment, thats why I didn't hear the shot. I wasn't concentrating anymore. All I wanted is to get back to the house and from there maybe find our way back to the BTR. Shura got shot in the balls. And I knew exactly who was behind that. I knew exactly who was looking through the scope while aiming at Shura. Pitbull opened up with his PK at the house where he thought shots were coming from. My ears almost exploded, he didn't even warn me. I was so close to him, I felt his muscles move along with the recoil. Shura was still moving, but wasn't screaming. Between his legs all i saw was something that looked like pepperoni pizza. -"Fucking "kolgotki" ( WHITE STOCKINGS ), fuckin bitches.- yelled Pitbull.
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:46:30 PM EST
How do your "best brothers" feel about you leaving them and coming to the haven of capitalist pigs? [:D] would'nt a paratrooper need both of his hands to be a parachutist? how long did it take for your wound to heal? did they go through with the same initiation? oh, welcome to the board. [:)] curious comrade lib
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:49:06 PM EST
He also knew who that was, fuckin white stalkings. Back in the Soviet Union Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia was part of USSR. Those republics had the best women biathlon Olympic teams, they were the most accurate in the world. After the break up of USSR, no more money going to those republics, they became their own countries. When the Chechen war started a lot of them went to Chechnya as mercs, to work for Chechen rebels as snipers. Shamil Basaev ( leader of the rebels ) had a whole unit of those cunts. He paid them $4000 for an officer and $1000 for a Russian soldier. Most of them were very successful and made lots of money quick. White stalking term came during Nagorni Karabh conflict, thats when our soldiers first saw them. They use to wear thick white stalkings, during the Olympic games. They are very famous for one thing - Shooting Russian soldiers between legs. They usually don't kill us right away, they would play with us letting us know that if they wanted they could of killed us already. They want us to fuckin panic. First shot comes usually between your legs or knee cap, you go down, and other soldier tries to help you. But he too gets shot, so it goes on and on. Thats why we stay where we are when this shit happens. Nobody tries to help the other guy, too dangerous for others. Shura was gone, lost too much blood, and we didn't see steam coming out of his mouth anymore. Max was punching the ground, and yelling. I didn't pay attention too much at him, i knew he was in the safe place, me, Pitbull and 2 other guys we were in a hot oven. If we move to the right towards Max, we will never have kids if we live. If we go left, and try to jump over the fence of another house, then we will turn into " GRUZ 200"(Package 200, codename for a dead soldier when his body arrives in ). Someone had to make a decision. Decision was made. Me and Pitbull go left and jump over the fence and try to keep our balls together. While the other 2 guys go right towards Max and keep him cover. We had 7 seconds at the most to run, jump over the fence, go prone, and say : MAMA, I LOVE YOU ! The fence was about 30 meters away from us, so that was a big problem. Michael Johnson would probably make it there in 4 seconds, but we had some heavy gear, especially Pitbull with his PK. He was calm as usual, calm like a snake after eating a mouse. He was moving his tongue around his mouth, waiting for the go.
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 6:52:44 PM EST
Actually guy its easier to do this , here are the following links that will take you there, you can also read it with pics. http://ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15853
Link Posted: 7/20/2001 8:18:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By DesantnikVDV: Actually guy its easier to do this , here are the following links that will take you there, you can also read it with pics. [url] http://ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15853
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Link Posted: 7/21/2001 2:48:17 AM EST
DesantnikVDV, maybe you can explain to us all exactly why russians support this illigal, imperialist war of aggression in chechnya - while at the same time peacefully accepting lithuania's, estonia's, latvia's, and ukrainian independence? you freely admitted being a bunch of looters and thieves, did you really expect the local population to sit idly by and allow their people to be robbed, tortured and killed? if you were in my land, trying to force your language and culture onto my people, i would try and blow your balls off too... ...rozumiesh, kolyega???
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:48:00 AM EST
Guys this is good reading! I have read all 4 parts. This is a true first hand account of the war in Chechnya. Here we have a Russian paratrooper here in the United States willing to share his personal experiences with us in the form of a story. I see this thread getting little attention, I guess I misread you guys. I thought it would be very interesting to the members of AR15.com. I asked him to post it here. ??????????????
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:56:06 AM EST
here is all the links to all 4 parts of his story so far with pics... Part 1 [url]www.ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15010[/url] Part 2 [url]www.ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15092[/url] Part 3 [url]www.ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15204[/url] Part 4 [url]www.ak-47.gunsnet.net/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15735[/url]
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 8:43:50 AM EST
Originally Posted By fattym4: DesantnikVDV, maybe you can explain to us all exactly why russians support this illigal, imperialist war of aggression in chechnya - while at the same time peacefully accepting lithuania's, estonia's, latvia's, and ukrainian independence? you freely admitted being a bunch of looters and thieves, did you really expect the local population to sit idly by and allow their people to be robbed, tortured and killed? if you were in my land, trying to force your language and culture onto my people, i would try and blow your balls off too... ...rozumiesh, kolyega???
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Well said. I just want to add, that this war, according to you,DesantnikVDV, seems to have had a racist part.. You say somewhere that you wanted to "kick muslim ass". That sounds racicst, does it not? Also, you talk about how you would murder the wounded rebels. Even the Germans and Brittish would occaisionally care for the each other's wounded during World War 2. The Chechnians were killing your friends, but you were trying to kill them. If somebody tried to wipe out my people, or force their ways on to us, or loot us, I would fight back too.
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 6:49:57 PM EST
I try the links but all i ever get is them trying to sell me free web space !!! can someone help?
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:18:27 PM EST
Excellent reading. Leave out the confiscating TV's and VCR's part and you could probably get published in some magazine and make a few bux or something. Ask someone who speaks english as a first language to look it over and correct those minor grammar mistakes. I'm not picking at the story, it was fascinating.
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:22:07 PM EST
Originally Posted By 7_62___for_me: I see this thread getting little attention, I guess I misread you guys. I thought it would be very interesting to the members of AR15.com. I asked him to post it here. ?
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Look this is america where we are looking at our government as opressors today. When see someone talking about destroying peoples rights because they were different and the gov told them to, then we probably wont like it. I personally wouldn't waste the bullet for the balls, one shot one kill, somewhere they forgot that winning is everything. It would have been a good story if it was fiction but it wasn't, which just shows what people in power will do for their Kountry (paycheck). I don't mean any thing bad toward DesantnikVDV, he wasn't born and raised in the USA and they don't have a great constitution in Russia. So what he was doing wasn't legally wrong. But here in america facing our current situation we don't like to see what government is capable of. Hits too close to home (Ruby Ridge, Waco).
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 7:39:46 PM EST
Stick a knife in his neck - he's done! Don't forget to step on his head first. [beer] Take my VCR? I'll have your nuts for my dog's lunch, komrade! [x]
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 8:20:09 PM EST
Personally I will never believe a thing you ever post. You use too much US slang to possibly be from Russia. It would take a lifetime of living in this country for you to speak the shit you are spewing in a manner we could understand or relate to. I call bullshit.
Link Posted: 7/21/2001 9:04:55 PM EST
[b]David Hineline[/b] Hey bud, if it matters any I'd like to say that he has been verified by other members of different boards who speak/read/write Russian. If can find a link to AK-47.net you would be able to read up on him before making a statement as such. Also while I was working at Transient Personnel Unit last year I worked at the Disciplinary Processing Center, there was a genuine Russian guy there. He was getting kicked out of the Navy awaiting courts martial - too many alcohol related incidents. Anyhow he had been in the US about 5-6yrs only. Very strong Russian accent in his English, but you could bullshit with him like any other sailor. Foul language, phrases, slang..he knew it all. I asked him a bunch of questions about Russian, what he knew of the military there. For the most part he was happy to be in American but not in the Navy.
Link Posted: 7/22/2001 12:17:48 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/22/2001 1:26:55 AM EST by TacCar]
That link is not working. Go ahead and post the rest of the story, it was some interesting reading(aside from the fact he used to be one o' those rooskie pinko commies).
Link Posted: 8/3/2001 3:30:37 PM EST
1. The Russians fought a battle of manuever instead of a battle of posts. Had the Russians closed access to the city and laid siege, instead of street to street fighting, it would have made the Groznians less effective in combating the Russians. 2. Closing the city off from outside access would have prompted the Grozny commanders to fight on the Russians terms and ground instead of the other way around. 3. Continual bombardment from outside the city, air and ground, day and night, would be more debilitating to the defender than the attacker. 4. Although siege warfare is tedious duty the advantage lies with the army conducting the siege. Rotation of units to rest areas, logistics, and morale, and the stress of combat are easier to control. Those under siege are limited in man-power, food, and ammunition. Now on the Groznian's side. 1. The effectivenes of RPG "artillery" must have been a rude awakening for the Russians. 2. Booby-traps and sniping are the quickest way to demoralize any army. 3. Cutting off a convoy at both ends and destroying the rest is an excellent and demoralizing tactic. The Russians forgot the lessons of Afghanistan. However, without armor support, a continual flow of weaponry and ammunition, food and clothes for the troops, any defending group is doomed. This is an excellent example of what a motivated individual or group defending his/her home is capable of doing when necessary.
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