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Posted: 3/23/2001 8:25:56 AM EST
Got stoped by the D.O.T. yesterday.
I drive a car carrier for a living. 9 car Peterbilt. I was going west thru central Iowa heading for Des Moines. The cop was going the other direction, saw me and made a quick flip thru the median and came and got me. I kinda thought I knew what he was stoping me for and really expected a hard time. Car carriers are allowed a 4 ft. overhang in the rear I had a 5 ft. overhang plus several other infractions. He only got me for the overhang he could have had me for so much more. I guess the point of this post is this was THIS COP WAS TOO COOL. we had several other conversations not having to do with the stop, a very good guy.
I do believe he knew about the other infractions but chose not to mention them.
1, High fifth wheel with a head rack over 65 ft. actual length 77 1/2 ft, A very big no no in Iowa.
2, traveling a secondary road to bypass a state weigh station. Also a very big no no in Iowa.
3, any other small thing that the D.O.T. is so famous for finding.
O.K. my point is do you have any GOOD COP STORIES?
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 5:37:26 PM EST
If I got a full ticket every time I was pulled over, I wouldn't have a license now.  I've recieved 2 BS tickets in my life, but weighed against the many that I didn't get, it just shows that there are a lot of cool cops out there.
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 5:47:21 PM EST
If I ever got what I really deserved out of life, I'd be serving life without parole. :)

Yes, there are a lot of very good cops out there. Too bad the few bad ones spoil it for all of them. Rather like gun owners, I'd say, no?
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 6:27:53 PM EST
My ex and her boyfriend called the cops and lied in order to have me arrested for something I didnt do (this on the advice of the ex's attorney) the cop that came to serve the warrant noticed my ex's attorney was the same as his ex's....cant tell you much more except that do to a paperwork detail overlooked by the attorney but not the officer saved me from arrest and the advice he gave me kept me out of jail during a very tough time in my life (all is better now got a  great wife who loves to hunt and shoot thinks animals are for eating wearing riding and playing frisbee with)
Link Posted: 3/23/2001 6:51:44 PM EST
I get stopped quite a bit ( I like driving a bit fast). I rarely get tickets though. I have veterans plates, 1st cav and support your local sheriff stickers on the back of my jeep. I usually always keep my license under my military ID in my wallet also. I usually get a warning. Kind of a cheap ass way to get out of em, but it works.

I come from a very small town where the town cop was really cool. If he pulled you over on a friday night and knew you, and you had had 1 too many he would tell you to get your ass home. If he thought you were too drunk, he would make you park it and give you a ride home. He would give you dirty looks for a few weeks, but beats the hell out of a huge ticket.

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 12:12:35 AM EST
I've never gotten a ticket I didn't earn.

When I bought a Thompson SMG, I had to be printed and get paperwork signed by the local LEO chief.  He was progun, so no biggie, and I decided to get my prints done at the station at the same time.  I was flying in the Army then, so I was in my flight suit when I stopped by to get it all done.  This good looking lady cop takes my prints, and we talked for a while as she was taking flying lessons and when I left she said she'd make sure the paperwork was taken care of by the chief.  I picked it up later, but didn't see her until a month later when she pulled me over for speeding.  Sure enough I was speeding, but she recognized me and we talked for a while longer.  She even suggested a couple reasons why I was speeding so she wouldn't have to write me a ticket.  Man, if I was single at the time!  

For the last 9 years I've also driven a tractor trailer, and interact with DOT and local police all the time.  Most of the time it's because I'm delivering ammo to one of the depatments(You get funny looks from people when wheeling ten thousand rounds of .357Sig through the airport terminal, but hey, they have to qualify twice a year) or crap to the courthouse.  I'll also spot the cops whose beat are on my route in the gunshop or on the range.  They aren't out to get anyone, just doing their job.

As YardDogOne will tell you, they'll write you an equipment violation (which doesn't carry points) over a moving violation (which does) in a big truck, unless you're being dangerous.  Then they'll bust you hard.  

Link Posted: 3/24/2001 1:05:34 AM EST
I only have gotten maybe 4 street sweeper tickets. I am a law abiding citizen unlike you all criminals.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 3:12:28 AM EST
I've never gotten a ticket I didn't earn.

 They aren't out to get anyone, just doing their job.

Yep, I've been stoped many a time. I find if you theat them well and they will treat you well, after all they do have a job to do as do we all, and besides Man I always wanted to be a cop myself, it just did not pay enough at the time.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 3:16:01 AM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io:
I only have gotten maybe 4 street sweeper tickets. I am a law abiding citizen unlike you all criminals.
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What Imbrog no sex reference in this post, I'm disapointed (.)(.)
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 4:08:46 AM EST
My next door neighbor is a city cop. We are on the same wavelength.
We talk badly about the creep neighbor on my other side, we go to the range together from time to time, he liked my KelTec folding carbine so well he asked me to find him one, great guy!
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 4:19:58 AM EST
I once was stopped while walking home from a bar (I was fairly intoxicated).  I asked the cop why I was stopped and was told the reason they stopped me was because I "had my hands in my pockets".  Pretty sad excuse for PC if you ask me.  I think the long hair I had at the time was more the reason.  I ended up getting a ticket for, and I shit you not, "walking while intoxicated".  So I asked the cop if he preferred I drive home.  He was not amused. [:D]
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 5:23:02 AM EST
Got pulled over by a Utah highway patrolman for 87mph in a 75mph. I advised him I had a loaded pistol in the car, so he took my m1911 back to his car to run the serial. I was thinking I was in deep shit cause I had a round in the chamber and it was concealed under my seat, plus my registration had just expired. He called me back to his car, and I figured the cuffs were about to go on, but instead he started complementing my 1911 and b.s'ing with me about guns. He said his nearest back up was 45-1 hour away and so he was glad that there were armed citizens out there in case he ever needs help out there. Hell, he heven offered to sell me his HK P-7, cause Utah had just bought Beretta Cougars, and it would be a mandatory duty weapon. Unfortunately I did'nt have the money for the P-7! But I was very nice to know that there are some folks in law enforcement that are on our side.(and of course, no ticket!)
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 6:47:16 AM EST
Several years ago, I was on my way to my sister's house after work.  

I was speeding (about 15mph over in a 30mph) past some moron in a minivan that couldn't keep in his lane (on a one way street).  I saw the cruiser just as I had passed the van, and was preparing to slow down.  

His lights come one, I pull over (upset at the moron in the van).  The officer walks up, I explain that I was just trying to pass the van that couldn't stay in his lane (I know, a sorry excuse).   He goes back to the cruiser, runs my info, and comes back and lets me go!  

About ten minutes later, I'm in my sister's car, heading the opposite direction on another one-way street, one street up from the one I was pulled over on.  She's going about 10 miles over, I tell her to slow down, because the officer is probably still in the area, and guess what!  The same guy nails her!

He walks up, and I'm trying to look the other way (I didn't want to piss the guy off) so he doesn't recognize me (I had changed clothes).  He runs her info, and writes up the ticket.  As he is handing her the ticket, he says to me "Are you Chris?"  I look over at him with a guilty expression and say yes.  He jokes "is this the van's fault again???"  My sister starts spouting off saying "how come you didn't give him a ticket and you're giving me one!"  

I wanted to slap her, but I guess it had the desired effect, because he started laughing, ripped up the ticket and said" I guess it's a lucky day for your family!"
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 7:41:41 AM EST
One time driving home after I just got layed off, pedal to the metal, not having a care for the world. Next thing I notice a black and white shape flash by on the opposite lane, looked into the rear view mirror and sure enough it's a cop and he's turning around with his lights on. I pulled over to the side of the road and waited to him, and it took him awhile to catch up to me. He came up to me and ask me if I know why he pulled me over, I said "I was speeding." He said "What's the speed limit here, and how fast I was going.", I said "It's 55, and when I saw you I was doing 110." He was taken back by my honesty, and ask me if I had an excuse for driving that fast. I told him I just got layed off, and I just want to go home as soon as possible. The cop than proceeded to lecture me on how unsafe it is to drive that fast, than give me a ticket for doing 65 in a 55. After handing me the ticket, he told me to go to traffic school to get rid of the points on my record.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:05:43 AM EST
It was a rainy night about 1AM in the morning and I was driving home from a buddy's house.

The roads around here had taken a real beating during the summer and the jackasses in the city planning board approved the use of some kind of "slicker than dog snot" asphalt sealer that really made it hell trying to get any kind of traction when the roads were wet.

I was traveling home with hardly any other cars on the road and as I approach a green light at an intersection a car coming from the opposite direction decides it want's to take a left turn at the intersection, it turns into the turn lane and knowing that the car would soon change my green light to a red I sped up to try and beat the light.  The light started to change a whole lot quicker than I expected it to, WAY QUICKER, and I knew that I'd be crossing through the intersection just as the light began to go red or just after it turned red.  Knowing that the roads were entirely too slick to try to stop in time I floored the gas and did my best to get through the intersection, before getting there I flashed my lights a couple times to try and warn the other guy that I wasn't gonna be able to stop.

Sure enough just as I start to go through the intersection I can finally make out what kind of car was in the opposite turn lane, turns out to be a cop.

I make it to the other side of the intersection and the red and blues are already on, I was slowing down and pulling over to the side of the road before the cop was able to even turn around and make a U-turn.

He comes up to my window and asks why I ran the red light, I explained it to him and he understood perfectly.  The darned roads were so slick in some areas that when a tire would bounce at 45mph they would break loose and start to spin.

He asks for my drivers license only, no registration or proof of insurance, and he goes back to his car to check me for warrants.  Before he goes back to his car I told him that I felt I needed to inform him of something, he asks, "What's that? Guns? Drugs? Hookers?"  I told him that I had my 45 down on the floor boards in it's case, he didn't even break a sweat as he went back to his car to run my ID.  After finding out that I'm clear he approaches on the opposite side of the truck and asks what kind of pistol I have, I told him I've got a ParaOrdinance P14 Limited that I was cleaning over at my buddy's house.  He was fairly impressed and jumped at the chance to get to hold it when I asked him if he'd like to see it.  Turns out he used to work at one of the local gun shops before he became an officer with the local PD.

If it hadn't been raining we'd probably have talked a bit more.

The look on his face when he felt the crisp pull on my factory ParaOrd was pretty classic.

He didn't write me a citation either, he full well understood why I went for making the green light rather than try to stop and end up either sliding straight through it or coming to a stop right in the middle of the intersection.  If the cop hadn't gone into the left turn lane we would have each gone through the entersection at the same time going in opposite directions, by turning into the left turn lane he managed to throw off my timing just enough that coming to a stop was out of the question and it was worsened by the fact that the light changed too quickly.

It could have been the easiest ticket in the world for the guy to write but he didn't have a problem with letting me off given the situation.  If
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:01:04 AM EST
 The same guy nails her!
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I wish I could do some nailing of my own.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:21:06 AM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io:
 The same guy nails her!
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I wish I could do some nailing of my own.
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That's my sister you're talking about!!!  

Oh well, she's still single, but she's high maintenance.  Do you think you can support her with your .38 and 10/22???[:D]
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 9:56:31 PM EST
the only bad experiences i have had are with the female leo's. they act like they have a chip on thier shoulder or pms'ing.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:06:58 PM EST
I can give her all of the regular and curly fries (seperated of course) or other fried foods that she could ever want.
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:14:18 PM EST
Originally Posted By Imbrog|io:
I can give her all of the regular and curly fries (seperated of course) or other fried foods that she could ever want.
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She's yours!  Send me your address, and I'll get the paperwork started.  I think she's up to date on all her shots.  You'll need to continue the penicillin treatments for a couple weeks though...
Link Posted: 3/24/2001 11:52:18 PM EST
I was on my way to Kansas City to see my new girlfriend(now wife)I was in a big hurry doing almost 80 in a 65.I get pulled over just outside of Midway I think.He asked why i was in a hurry andtell him the above.he takes my liscence and ask if I have any drugs guns ect.Before I can engage brain i say I have a bunch of firearms.He ask if I would mind being searched.I say no not after that dumb a$$ answer.He checks my liscence and ask why I have so many guns .I tell him im going to a shoot also in KC.He get interested and starts talking and I ask him if he would like to look and he says yeah.So I start haulin out M1A,Mossberg 590 and a couple custom 1911's.Where doing this at about 5pm on a Friday on the side of I70!
Finally he says were going to cause a accident.He says make shure to lock all the cases because theres a couple jerks that work down the road.He also asks were the shoot was .The n he says goodbye and to slow down and leaves.No ticket!I'll be damned if he didn't show up for the shoot.
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 2:39:19 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 3:13:47 AM EST
It was a Saturday morning, I was heading south on PCH just past Pt Mugu on my RZ350. I ended up behind a motorhome that was doing 35 in a 55. When I got a clear road to pass I dropped it down 3 gears and gasses it. I ended up doing 95 as I passed the motorhome. Right as soon as I had passed it I saw red lights about 6 cars behind me. Shoot! I pulled in front of the RV and waited for the CHP to pull me over. Next thing I see is a 5.0 Mustang CHP go flying past me, he didn't even slow down.
I figured that I should hang a u-turn, but before I could another CHP Mustang starts passing the motorhome. This guy was going slow enough where he saw me. I pulled over as he red-lighted me. He asked me for the usal stuff, when he was done running my stuff he came over and asked me how fast I was going when I passed the motorhome. I told him I was doing 95. He looked at me, then looked at my bike, then he said he didn't believe me, that there was no way a 350 could have accelerated as fast as my bike had.
I didn't say a word, he kept looking over my bike. When he was done he asked me to start it up so he could listen to it. I turned the key on and cranked it over by hand. RZ350s only have kick starters. Neat trick. He laughed and then told me he would of done the same thing if he were behind that motorhome.
He handed me back my stuff, and told me to have a nice day, and to watch out for his partner in the other Mustang.

Link Posted: 3/25/2001 4:03:03 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2001 4:15:50 AM EST
I have been pulled over many times and got my share of tickets and warnings . But I have come to the conclusion that cops are just people too . Some good and some bad . Yes I  have seen some pretty assholesish cops but sometimes I did deserve what I got . I do get upset when someone tailgates me so I speed up then the dick turns out to be a cop and I get a speeding ticket . That happened twice .

But once when I was young ,and underage, and driving drunk , and I had previosly modified my license birthdate , (with pencil thank god ) ,
now that cop was very cool . No ticket or phoned parents or anything on my record . Just a bit of a talking to which I deserved .
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