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Posted: 8/4/2001 4:07:13 PM EDT
GoatBoy et alia, I posted a while back about how AR15.com used to crash but then had been working great for a little while, and lately started crashing Netscape frequently again. You suggested turning off dynamic menus in my user profile. I did that, but the site continues to crash the browser at an alarming rate. I am unable to turn off JavaScript to see if that's why, because the forum pages don't display any text if I turn off JavaScript. Hopefully this will get posted -- I tried to post a response to the earlier thread telling you that the problem didn't go away after turning off menus, but the browser died just a few seconds before I was ready to post it. I realize there are a lot of whizzo neato cool things that one can do with scripting. I understand that this is Netscape's fault for writing buggy code. But I'd really appreciate it if there were a way to view the forums without having to enable Java or JavaScript or VBScript -- their appearance is such that straight HTML should be more than sufficient to create the pages anyway, and I don't understand what the heavy use of scripting is buying you. (If it's a question of font size, a user-profile font-size parameter would take care of that in a second.) FWIW, I have noticed that the browser seems to blow up very quickly if I log in (or even accept the ASPSESSIONID cookie) from the main page. However, cookies or logging in don't seem to be required for it to crash. Thanks, Achmed
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 5:53:19 AM EDT
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