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Posted: 12/1/2008 1:27:01 PM EDT
I just found one of these locally for $150. It appears from the photos to be in nice shape. I doubt that it is the trench gun version due to the fact that it has the frt bead sight and no markings ( the "P" and flaming bomb). It does appear to be a genuine riot gun (short barrel). I'll know when I go to see it tonight if the serial numbers match. My question is I've got very limited knowledge and couldn't find what I wanted to know on the internet, what is the rough value? I'll admit I don't want to keep it but rather trade it towards something I want. Is this worth it?

Thanks guys!
Link Posted: 12/1/2008 3:27:19 PM EDT
If you do decide to buy it make sure the firing pin is not broken. I broke mine dry firing

and haven't been able to find one for many years. Nice gun though.
Link Posted: 12/1/2008 4:02:45 PM EDT
I had one I picked up 20 years ago. paid 100.00 for it. It came with iron sights and a U.S. marked soft case.
Years ago i seen several P.D. trade ins. Some of those did have the front bead.
Numrich may still have parts for this. Good gun it was well built. I got 350.00 for it 10 years ago.
Link Posted: 12/19/2008 9:01:23 PM EDT
I had the same question because I bought one recently myself from my neighbor. I don't know the value because it was a distress/divorce sale and I got mine for $75, which I thought was a great deal. It's in really nice shape. It seems like a very well built gun and mine operates perfectly. Best that I can determine, mine was built in the early 20's and somebody took good care of it. I guess it's the riot gun version? There's not a lot of information about the gun out there and I bet parts are hard to find.

I can point you to a link that an informed gentleman on another forum sent me to for some more information. It won't give you a value, but it will tell you in detail of this particular gun's fine reputation.

(my 520 is the bottom one in the picture, does it look like yours?)

More info -> Stevens 520


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