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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/21/2005 4:13:11 PM EDT
There's been a little North VS South aggression theme (one that is all in fun) going on ARFCOM and I thought maybe those of us who have traveled a tiny bit (or alot) could maybe steer the rest of the gang towards those places we liked and why we liked them..
Of course, being the "uppity Yankee woman" I am, I also threw in a few places that made me whistful for home!

I have traveled as far north as Prince Edward Island, CAN and as far south (and west for that matter) ast the Tex/Mex border (never crossed...my spidey senses were tinglin' that nite) Not by any means the traveler that some here are, but I do have this to add about the cultural differences chatted about in threads like Caffeine Hogs
And I did not wanna hijack that thread.
So here's my votes for State (and some city/out of state) Superlatives

Best Lobster---PEI Canada during their lobster mania in June...Lobsters are DEAD cheap (but only if they know you're not a 'tourist'

Best seafood all around: ME/MA/RI

Best restaurants all around: RI and MA...many ecclectic tastes to choose from...I happen to work in a pretty damn good one that my brother owns. So if ya want me to fix you a sammich...come to MA!

Friendliest people: Texas (and I am not saying that so SP1grrl will refrain from kicking my ass) It's damned true

Second friendliest: Upstate NY (I'm talking in the BOONIES, people)

Best BBQ and hush puppies: North Carolina (easily the greenest state too)

Best Sunsets: South Carolina

Most fun city to party in: Philly (Not too shabby on the history there either)

Second most fun (DC---specifically, Georgetown...again the history)

Third most fun: San Antonio (Paseo del Rio andAustin HWY)

Fourth: Boston....alright alright...I like to party...

State I hate to drive thru: CT...BORING

Second I hate to drive thru: NY...GW Bridge is evil in steel form

Third: MD---Roadsigns LIE in MD!!!!

Third: RI ( I am sorry...but traffic in a state the size of my left eyeball is simply unacceptable)

Best Beaches: RI and Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands

Worst: Corpus Christi (oil splooge anyone?

Second Worst: Jersey...even the seagulls have migrated to RI beaches

Anyone else like to vote for their faves/least faves?

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