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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/21/2002 6:01:22 AM EST
From [url=www.vcdl.org]VCDL[/url]: THIS ONE IS HOT, HOT, HOT! Two petitions to further open gun rights in state parks require the Department of Conservation and Recreation to initiate a 21 day public comment period in order to receive comments from interested Virginians on the proposals. VCDL is supporting the McHugh Petition, which completely repeals the gun ban regulation 4 VAC 5-30-200, rather than the Chancey Petition which merely amends it. HOWEVER - An employee of the Department of Conservation and Recreation while at work, using your tax dollars, is actively working with anti-gunners to subvert attempts for the public petition to succeed! When VCDL Board member Paul Moog asked a simple question about the petition process, the Operations Manager for Virginia State Parks intentionally passed his email address to an anti-gun group. That group provided him a form letter against the petition!!! As soon as you read this, please IMMEDIATELY cut, paste, and email the letter below to Regulatory Coordinator at regcord@dcr.state.va.us To be valid, responses MUST include date, name, title (Mr. Ms. etc.), address, and telephone number. (Enter Date) Dear Regulatory Coordinator: I strongly support the McHugh Petition to repeal 4 VAC 5-30-200 and thereby allow open carry of firearms in State Parks unless otherwise restricted by law. This has always been the standard for the rest of the Commonwealth, and there is no justification for disparate policies for state parks that create confusion and unnecessary legal hassles for law-abiding citizens The current Virginia State Park gun ban is bad public policy that endangers honest, law-abiding visitors to the parks. I urge you to implement the McHugh Petition and repeal 4 VAC 5-30-200. I also demand that you stop all DCR employees, including your Operations Manager, from taking sides and using their official capacities to sabotage these petitions. Such behavior is an abuse of power and is not acceptable. Please let me know what you are going to do. Sincerely, (Enter Name, Address, and Telephone number) You can also fax or mail the letter to DCR at: Mail address: Regulatory Coordinator, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, 203 Governor Street, Suite 302, Richmond, VA 23219 fax: Regulatory Coordinator at 804-786-6141 Questions on the process may be addressed by emailing the Regulatory Coordinator at regcord@dcr.state.va.us. Ready to be mad? Here is the letter that anti-gun Virginia Association for Parks is pushing with the HELP of at least one DCR employee while she is at work: Regulatory Coordinator Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation 203 Governor Street Suite 302 Richmond, VA 23219 Dear Sir: Two petitions-the Chancey Petition and the McHugh Petition-have been formally submitted asking the Virginia Department of Conservation to consider two regulatory changes to the State Park Regulation on Firearms in Parks (4 VAC 5-30-200). The Chancey Petition asks that the regulation be amended to allow individuals to carry a holstered firearm openly. The McHugh Petition goes further in its effect by asking that the regulation be changed to allow individuals to openly carry firearms in State Parks unless otherwise restricted by law. This letter responds to the invitation for public comment on these two petitions. As a user of, and a volunteer worker in, the Virginia State Park System I am adamantly opposed to both petitions. The safety and security of Virginia's parks and natural areas is of paramount importance. Visitors to our state parks must have complete confidence that they can enjoy our parks without concern about the potential for gun violence. Similarly, park personnel must be able to carry out their duties without concern about those who might try to use guns in a dangerous or irresponsible manner. I currently feel safe from potential gun violence when I am in a state park, given the existing regulation. However, if the current regulation is amended as requested by the two subject petitions, concerns about my safety as well as the safety of others will result in my drastically reducing, and probably stopping, the frequency of my visits as a park user. And, due again to safety concerns, I will probably also be forced to discontinue my volunteer services to the Virginia State Park System. Please do not amend the current regulation.
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