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Posted: 4/19/2017 8:48:08 PM EDT
Back in January, I replaced all my solenoids (a couple had locked up, and in for a penny...) and the control panel, and everything was hunky dory for the two weeks I ran the system putting in the winter grass.

I recently decided to overseed again with a new seed, and now the system won't turn on any of the solenoids.

I checked the panel, and it's passing around 28-29V at each zone terminal when I activate that zone, just as expected.

I pulled a solenoid, thinking they had died again, and it tested fine when I applied power to at the control panel.

Going back to the irrigation valve end wiring, the solenoids I tested are only getting 9-10V each from the wiring. I tested them all, and they're all receiving around that voltage.

What am I missing? If it was no voltage, I would suspect a wire break.
Link Posted: 4/19/2017 9:00:01 PM EDT
Assuming the voltage was okay when installed, check for corrosion where the wires attach to the control panel, or at any splices along the runs.
Link Posted: 4/19/2017 9:10:13 PM EDT
It could be normal voltage drop due to the wire size being too small. The longer the distance, the larger the wire will need to be.
Link Posted: 4/19/2017 9:14:25 PM EDT
The high resistance due to corrosion is a good sanity check.

Bad component pulling high current could cause a voltage drop, but with new solenoids seems unlikely.
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