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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/2/2001 9:25:21 AM EST
From the Sportsmen guide this is the B.S that they just sent me about why they will not ship ammo to IL. Hello, We have placed certain restrictions, on certain items listed in our catalog and our web site. Due to the various state, county and municipal laws that exist, we are not always able to comply with each individual guideline. Not all of the restrictions are based on laws on the books, but could be a company decision based on certain concerns. Things such as whether the state law suits pending involving gun owners, recent court decisions that may effect businesses like ours. Finally it may be that the states laws are so vague that they could be interpreted unfavorably in the event a court action was ever involved, and finally as a public held company, we are obligation to safeguard our stockholder's investments. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. About 5 years ago I was ordering 30-06, 12 ga, 9mm and 8mm ammo from them then the next time the shooting catalog came out they would not ship to IL any more. It's funny every other company well ship here but them some want your F.O.I.D (Firearms owners ID) or proof your 21 or over. I don't know but I will never buy anything from them.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 9:48:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 9:52:55 AM EST
I was just about to make a purchase when this whole thing arose and sparked my "who is from IL." forum. I agree with you 100% that this is a politically motivated action...I think the Daly's own stock in the company??? Anyway, NEVER will I order from this company...let the privileged gun owners stampede this one!!! Get Um....I smell it, don't you...BOYCOTT...
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 11:07:57 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 12:20:04 PM EST
By law, ammunition is allowed to be shipped into Illinois provided that the purchaser shows proof of being 21 years of age and older and is allowed to buy ammunition. So if a company, like Sportsman's Guide, doesn't ship to IL., then it isn't because of some law, but by political influence. My guess is if S.G. doesn't ship to IL, when they can, it is because they are a pansy-assed company who is easily influenced by the Daley machine and his mafioso. They don't deserve to be in business.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 12:30:48 PM EST
I think the rest of are brother AR-15 members should also know about this and tell them that they will not buy anything from them any more.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 12:48:27 PM EST
Haven't we been through this before on here? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but with the low markup on mail order ammo...WHY SHOULD they spend time, materials, and man hours to jump through all the right hoops to verify your gun-card thing and send you your ammo that they have just lost money on and opened themselves up to a wrongful death liability lawsuit? To make you happy? Because they feel sorry for you and the stupid commie laws you have to put up with? They are there to make money as any business is. I don't own a business and don't ever plan on it but it makes perfect sense to me, and it will to the other mail-order companies too so stock up while you can and getyaself a reloadin press.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 1:08:53 PM EST
I'll boycott the Sportsmans Guide if you boycott Natchez Shooters Supply. For no good reason, Natchez refuses to ship to Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. USPC40 ------------------------------------------------- [b][blue]NRA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.nra.org[/url] [b][blue]GOA Life Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.gunowners.org[/url] [b][blue]SAF Member[/blue][/b] - [url]www.saf.org[/url] [b][blue]SAS Supporter[/blue][/b] - [url]www.sas-aim.org[/url] [img]www.ar15.com/members/albums/USPC40/alabamaflag.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 1:22:55 PM EST
tayous1 Send SG another message and tell them you posted the BS on ar15.com. Tell them you would just as soon not have to make a stink but that their unreasonable policy is going to make all the forums if they persist.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 1:25:29 PM EST
erickm What is your deal? All they have to do is put an address on the box and ship it.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 1:52:47 PM EST
They will not ship to MA either. They will not even ship a black powder firearm that anyone over 18 can buy here locally, with just picture proof of age. When their catalog comes, it goes right in the trash. A tip also, buy something from them and reverse two letters in your name, you will be surprised how many mailing you receive from other companies (with this miss-spelling)............S. G. makes alot selling your name to others. OSA
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 2:13:17 PM EST
Mine hits the trash first thing too! I tried to order an $8 pistol belt & they wanted to charge me $17.95 shipping!!! This was for USPS Priority Mail which they say costs extra for shipping to Alaska....complete BS! The package would cost $3.50 to mail.
Link Posted: 8/2/2001 3:27:38 PM EST
I think their new catalog is off it's rocker. I have been ordering ammo recently to Illinois, and no restriction. I called one of their lads last night at the order number, and he put my Zip code into the "restriction" database and it was OK. I gave the same lad a Chicago zip code and it was a problem. Just place your order with them and see what happens. I say, there has been no problem here. That email message Tayous got was a form babble. I got the same rash and hash crap in a bitch email. Hell, Mass. probably would get the same response. Randy
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