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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/5/2002 5:00:36 PM EST
They have recently began running ads for a website called [url]www.lockandunload.com.[/url]. Go look at this drivel. In other words, don't own a gun if you do what they say. An unloaded and locked up gun is totally useless for home defense. If you agree with me about the content of this website, please e-mail Speedvision and express your displeasure with the contents of this website and Speedvision carrying ads for them. Here is my e-mail I just sent to Speedvision.
I just saw a commercial that is troubling. The one from www.lockandunload.com . An unloaded and locked up firearm is of absolutely no use for home defense. I visited this website after seeing it on Speedvision. They made one valid point and that is to teach your children about firearms and not to touch them without permission and I also add be very STRICT about it, which most parents are not on any disciplinary matters anymore. This is where the vast majority of our problems lately exist, no discipline. Other than that, this is more typical anti-Second Amendment drivel. Are you guys on some kind of anti-gun campaign suddenly? If so, I suggest you check your demographics! This is some of the BS on that website: "Start a discussion of neighbors' views on weapons — weapons in the home, safe storage of weapons, use of toy weapons in play, viewing of violent entertainment by kids. You may disagree, but disagreement doesn't mean you disrespect each other. " Kids playing with toy guns is not the problem. My generation grew up playing with toy guns and we did not go shoot up the schools. What guns I have in my home is not my neighbors business. There have been cases where a neighbor has called police and told them that "my neighbor has guns and it scares me", simply because they did not like guns. The resident with guns wound up winning the whole thing, but he should never have had to go through it. As for disagreeing, for the most part those that don't like guns are the ones that become disrespectful and get very huffy. I have experienced this personally. You guys need to pay more attention to those that advertise on your network.
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Link Posted: 1/5/2002 5:07:04 PM EST
If GB can accept ad money from RGuns, I guess we can't really complain about where speedvision gets its money. I love Speedvision and if these idiots want to pay money to support it, thats OK with me. I just want to know where our advertising is.
Link Posted: 1/5/2002 5:14:21 PM EST
Oh, there is another website they have been advertising for:[url]www.actagainstviolence.com[/url]. While part of their message is good, it is stuff like this that bothers me, along with the image of a kid with a handgun in the commercial.
DISCIPLINE No child’s behavior is perfect all of the time, and some kids are harder to deal with than others. When you must act to stop a child’s bad behavior, your goal should always be to do it with self-control and without violence. The goal of discipline is to teach children self-control, not to punish them.
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This is horse puckey. Lack of punishment is one of the major problems why some kids do what they have done in recent times. Granted, you should teach kids self control, but a little whack on the butt is also appropriate occasionally.
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