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Posted: 1/28/2002 4:48:17 PM EDT
[newbie] I am a novice AR goon, and I finally got to pop the cherry on the rifle I have had for several months. I took my BM shorty and Eotech holosight to the range yesterday, and zeroed iron sights and the Eotech. Soooooo much fun.[bounce] Omigod.[bounce] Wanna do it again. High points: [sniper] I haven't shot in forever. Did a 30rd magazine at a silhouette target at 100yds, iron sights. All but two were torso, and about half were in the 10 ring. No tight groups, but I was happy that my shooting was at least accurate enough to be useful. It'll improve with practice, and it felt like a good start for a novice AR goon like myself. [beer] [frag] Did 3-shot "triple taps" at 25yds, shouldering at "go" and shooting through the Eotech 510 with fast acquisition and no aiming. I got <1.5" groups in the center of mass or the head just about every single time. That holosight makes fast, close shooting as easy as waving a flashlight at someone. I imagine it's terrifying in the hands of someone who actually has training, instead of a novice AR goon such as I.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 5:01:31 PM EDT
I might have to give that one a try Weasel... hehehe Shooting the AR is loads of fun, huh? :) I'm waiting on some bullets so I can work up some handloads and use that scope I told ya I got for it. My rifle looks pretty wicked with the scope mounted on it... Gotta get some flip up covers for it soon! M@
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