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Posted: 1/12/2005 4:26:47 PM EDT
I'm a Union electrician, and am working a 2 building remodel at a large insurance/investment company here in SA. This job will take about 2 years.

Construction produces noise. The floors above and below where we are working are occupied. The office workers have complained, and most of the trades were forced to go to night shift. The electricians are gonna try and work around things and not work nights, like starting work at 0400 and working weekends. This overtime/weekend work will probably last the entire job.

Now, the problem. Note the "working weekends" above.

Baseball practice starts next month; the season begins in March. We play our games mostly on Sat or Sun. I can't play baseball when I'm working. I play baseball in the summer, and that's not gonna change.

I plan on telling our Manpower Manager that I will work any hours that they need, but I will not work any hours that are overtime and conflict with my weekend commitments (baseball).

My Local's Agreement states our normal work week/hours is 5 days/40 hours. Overtime is not mandatory. So legally, they can't fire me. But you Union guys know what could happen: The Dreaded RIF (Reduction in Force). For you non-Union folks, shops sometimes use RIFs when they want to get rid of someone, but can't fire them. A RIF is the same thing as being laid-off.

So I'm sticking to my guns, the company is not gonna bleed me to death, bully me, or threaten me. I am playing baseball this summer.

It's my life.

Plus, Top Ramon isn't really that bad.

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