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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/7/2005 4:29:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 4:30:37 PM EDT by AyeGuy]
Due to where I have my computer set up, the monitor is about two feet to the left of the keyboard. I noticed that sometimes, when I am looking down at the keyboard, and can just see the monitor out of the corner of my left eye, the screen appears to "jump" alternating between a jerky image and dead black. So, I thought I was hitting some wrong keys to do this, but that seems to not be the case. If I look directly at it, no problem.

So, what is going on here? Is it something about seeing the screen with only the peripheral vision? Rods and cones and all that?

Or, maybe it is something more...could it be possible that the peripheral vision is somehow operating at a higher Hertz range than direct vision? Higher than the refresh rate of the screen...Incredible if true! But, I could see why, from an evolutionary perspective: imagine you are a primitive hunter-gatherer...Look out! There is a cheeta zipping up un your left!

Try this experiment yourself, and see if you can duplicate this phenomena!
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:32:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:32:48 PM EDT
probably a ghost
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:34:21 PM EDT
Nope, me neither.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:34:53 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:37:30 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 4:38:43 PM EDT by Sub-MOA]
Doh! Beaten like a redheaded step child... see above.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:38:39 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:42:42 PM EDT

Originally Posted By cmjohnson:
I don't wish to alarm you, but you should go see your optometrist and get your eyes checked out very carefully. What you describe sounds vaguely like the symptoms an eye condition that IS treatable and you DON'T want....at least if it's not treated.

You should be screened for retinal detachment, glaucoma, retinal myopathy, and macular degeneration.

Any of those MIGHT give visual symptoms that are vaguely like what you describe.


If it was something other than a cathrode ray tube that he was observing this with I would agree. But this happens to many people with computer screens.

I use an LCD, so I obviously don't notice this, but yes, the edges of your vision can catch the refresh rate, it looks like you videotaped a computer monitor right?
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:44:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:44:21 PM EDT
You might need to have it exorcised or call in a consultant.

Link Posted: 8/7/2005 4:47:36 PM EDT
No thanks................
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 5:12:06 PM EDT
Just cheched settings; its at 72 Hz, high as it'll go (CRT).

Damn, I hope its not anything cmjohnson suggested...
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 5:16:02 PM EDT
Some monitors will Degauss automatically, this may be what you are noticing out of the corner of your eye.

just a guess....If you could take a picture of the event and then post it.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 6:08:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 6:12:52 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 6:21:04 PM EDT

Originally Posted By AyeGuy:
Just cheched settings; its at 72 Hz, high as it'll go (CRT).

Damn, I hope its not anything cmjohnson suggested...

Some people are more sensitive to screen refresh than others. Just means that you have faster eyes. I cannot look at a CRT screen that is set less than 85 hz without getting a headache. This in on of the reasons that I have switched to nothing but LCD's. You might wish to think about getting one, they are starting to get reasonable in price.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 6:25:53 PM EDT
Not a clue, just posting to raise my post count?

Link Posted: 8/7/2005 6:50:25 PM EDT
Thanks for the warning, cmj. I haven't seen a doctor for anything in years and should prolly go in for GP. I just turned 40, hurrah.

I plan on getting a 17" soon, but I would like a nice one.

I have a 17" LCD at work, thank God. My home comp is a pitiful old system, and I should prolly just get a whole new set-up rather than just getting the monitor.
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 7:04:32 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/7/2005 7:09:52 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 7:40:23 PM EDT
It's still doing it!
Link Posted: 8/12/2005 7:42:11 PM EDT
try a different monitor...
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