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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/10/2005 3:29:31 PM EDT
Watchin the news a couple minutes ago, they were talking about giving Harry Potter books to inmates at Gitmo. They had some lady and a guy from big talk radio stations arguing about it. Sorry, dont remember their names. Anyways, the lady is going on how this is such a great thing, and that even in cuba they cant read harry potter, that maybe it will open them up to the west, maybe it will crack the difference, as if the inmates were petty theives. Then the guy started goin off, started off with "THEIR TERRORISTS!" .."They didnt jack a car, they dont deserve to be rehabilitated. All they deserve is some water, a piece of stale bread, and a beating twice a day!" He had some good lines, and the beating twice a day was one of them. He shot her down pretty good, but this loudmouth bitch had her politically correct everyone deserves a second chance attitude goin. I hate bitches like that.

So she kept going on about cracking the difference and just bullshit, then the guy says something like "They only thing that should be cracked is their skulls" It reminded me of the good old threatening military jargon from my father.

Anyone else watch this? I really dont remember their names
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