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Posted: 9/16/2001 9:53:26 AM EDT
Just heard from someone at work who is very knowledgeable about this situation and his comment was "I don't see that we have any option, we're gonna have to nuke the Arabs" This is not my opinion, just the opinion of someone at work. Does anybody know a good website to purchase potassium iodide at?
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 10:22:42 AM EDT
The use of nuclear weapons is justified. Don't use the WW2 incidents to jade you. Atomic weapons were used incorrectly in WW2, and since have been demonized in the media. There is nothing wrong with using several low yeild warheads in Afghanistan. The terrain is not condisive to a massive ground assault. They have no infrastructure to worry about keeping intact. This enemy is little more than an animal living in a cave. The nuclear option is the best choice. If you pay close attention to what is being said on TV you will realize our government is slowly trying to ease the masses into this choice. Yes, innocents will perish. Too bad. They did nothing to fix the problem in their backyard. It is time to face the music. The missle east has done nothing to fix the problem. The blood is on theit hands. Hands that will soon be less than ashes as cloudburst presses down on their lame asses.
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 10:28:53 AM EDT
There won't be fucking nukes used, holy shit. i don't know why all the dipshits in this forum think there will be. America doesn't need to, nor want to deal with the bullshit that results from when you use nukes.
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 10:32:16 AM EDT
Originally Posted By ar50troll: The terrain is not condisive to a massive ground assault.
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Does this mean you aren't going to be there for all the festivities? Who wants to miss out on all the fun you can have during the Asia Minor wargames of 2001-? If you do go may I suggest some Kipling for your reading pleasure on your flight? I bet you could borrow Rik's copy! When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains - And the women come out, to cut up what remains Then roll to yer rifle, and blow out yer brains And go to yer God like a soldier! Rudyard Kipling, "The Young British Soldier". rDAm
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 11:17:13 AM EDT
On the news yesterday they were interveiwing a moslem man who said that if this happens,"Every Moslem will become Usama". If that happens the USA will become very much like Israel in which car bombings are commonplace.
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 11:49:38 AM EDT
Nukes are not justified in this case and a F^$^@&ing nuke sure isn't going to blow Osama Da Lama F^$^@&er out of the mountains!
Link Posted: 9/16/2001 6:26:27 PM EDT
[url]www.anbex.com[/url] stock up boys and girls!
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 11:45:17 AM EDT
Ok...let's end the hysteria for a minute. From one who was in the program for about 17 years of his military career...here are a few words to calm the jangled nerves: 1. Nuclear weapons are really just another weapon in the inventory of several nations. If one is deemed the right choice in taking out a specific target, then it will be used. 2. Nuclear weapons were used absolutely correctly in WW II. Had we not used them and been forced to invade Japan, the casualties on both sides would have been staggering. In spite of what the liberal media and history revisionists have tried to do over the years, the facts stand: Good estimates of allied casualties exceed 1.5 million and the Japanese estimates are around 20 million. Japan would have ceased to exist as a nation state. For further reference, I recommend a great book by Richard B. Frank called "Downfall". 3. Nuclear weapons come in many various sizes and targeting applications. Typical tactical (battlefield weapons) are usually a few kilotons to a couple of hundred kt in yield and used against enemies in the field or a military installation. Tacnucs can be delivered by aircraft, cruise missiles, or artillery rockets or tube weapons. We even have a bunker buster nuc that burrows deeply into the ground before detonating. Strategic nucs typically are city busters. You would see them delivered by land and sub launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, large bomber aircraft, and possibly cruise missiles. 4. All nucs in the US inventory are controlled by the President and the National Command Authority. No one person, including the President, can unilaterally cause the launch of a nuclear weapon. 5. In 1991 Bush 41 ordered that all tacnucs be removed from all front line units, ships and aircraft squadrons and retuned to stateside depots. To the best of my knowledge, those that have not been permanently deactivated remain in storage. 6. Each Ohio class sub carries 24 Trident missiles with a max load of 10 individually targetable re-entry vehicles...in other words each boat is capable of launching up to 240 city-buster strategic nucs. 7. Target-to-weapon pairing is underway right now in the various war-fighting centers of the United States military. If our NCA deems it necessary to nuc enemy forces to protect our Constitution and our way of life, then they WILL do so. We are now engaged in what will most likely be a long and bloody war. It may very well take every weapon in our inventory to achieve the ultimate victory. As much as I loathe the thought of using a nuc, to save my country and my family I would do so in a New York second. The bad guys better wake up and realize that fact too...because they just get a really bright and hot surprise one day. I firmly believe we are totally justified in using all our arrows in this one. Any who are not in agreement, just remember, Pearl Harbor=2870 casualties; Sept. 11, 2001 at least twice that number. One final thought...does anybody out there in cyber-land think for one second that if Saddam or Osama or any of those raghead bastards had a nuc, they wouldn't use it on us? Want to wait until they get one...or an anthax bomb...or a nerve gas bomb??? Hmmmmm? Not me. Use 'em if you got 'em. Aim small...miss small.
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