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11/22/2017 10:05:29 PM
Posted: 9/27/2004 6:20:31 PM EST
How do I post pictures. Be gentle. I am not good at this! Maybe you could number the steps. I use Koday Easy Share software and I haven't found a damn thing easy about it. URGH!
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 6:28:09 PM EST
first it has to be hosted online--popular ones are photobucket.com and hunt101.com

someone else will have to take the explaination from there--i know how to do it myself, but cannot seem to put into words that make sense
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 6:29:49 PM EST
Place the address of the image in brackets like this: {img}image address{/img} except use [] instead of {}.
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 6:30:26 PM EST
oh that Easy Share - freaking A. Yeah - I gave up on that stuff and just use MS photo editor. The way I post pics is I upload the pic to photobucket.com. Then I copy the "TAG" line that it gives you - (once you upload it will make sense) then when you are posting...click on the IMAGE button (above the Yellow/Green)... then I just paste that TAG line into the prompt.

So that is how I do it. If it isn't the simplest than I will also be grateful to find out!
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 6:38:17 PM EST
... Also, when replying to or posting a new thread you will notice some java script buttons below your message window. The third from the left is "IMAGE". Click on it, then paste the URL you're hosting the picture from.

try this URL as an example:


... However, you must send me your pictures for approval first

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