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Posted: 12/2/2007 3:43:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/2/2007 3:44:17 AM EDT by FDC]
ETA: The rest of my title got cut off

1. It's nice to see people try to get rid of that shitbag up there.
2. Can anyone verify the "Delta Force" bit?--see pic

Just an idle curiosity. There have been a few people nailed recently for posing in Mass. I can't see an intelligent guy trying to pose this way. I'm not saying whether he is the real deal or not. Just curious is all.

Beatty drives toward challenging Kerry
By Karen Jeffrey
December 02, 2007 6:00 AM
Nomination papers to run for the U.S. Senate are not available until February, but by then Jeff Beatty will probably have seen more of the state than most of John Kerry's potential challengers.

Beatty has already developed a cartographer's knowledge of what roads lead to places like Uxbridge and Winchendon, Longmeadow and Palmer.

Although he's not officially a candidate, the fact Beatty is rolling around the state in a van with a larger-than-life portrait of himself airbrushed against a backdrop of stars and stripes is a big clue.

So are the endorsements from the Worcester County Republicans Club, the Shirley Republican Town Committee and the New Bedford Republicans. So is the Web site www.jeffbeatty.com, on which it is suggested Beatty's election to the U.S. Senate in 2008 is a national priority.

The Harwich 54-year-old has a plan: win the Republican nomination to run for U.S. Senate in the primary, then beat Kerry in the November election.

"I learned a lot from Deval Patrick and Bill Delahunt in the last election," Beatty said.

Beatty ran as a Republican against the Cape and Islands incumbent congressman last year. It was his first foray into politics and Delahunt handed Beatty his first loss.

Beatty garnered about 30 percent of the vote against Delahunt. "Did I enjoy losing? Heck no. But it was a learning experience. Bill Delahunt was a good sparring partner," he said.

Assessing the field
Beatty has a few potential rivals, none of whom have begun openly campaigning.

One potential Republican rival is Kevin Scott, a former Wakefield selectman who last year lost the Republican primary to Ken Chase for the chance to run against U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy.

"I haven't decided yet, but we are exploring the possibility," Scott said. "One of the troubling aspects is the amount of money a campaign requires. John Kerry has a bottomless barrel of money."

Another potential rival is James Ogonowski, who recently lost to Niki Tsongas in a special election to succeed Marty Meehan in the 5th Congressional District. Rumors are also circulating Michael J. Sullivan — acting director of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, former U.S. attorney and former Plymouth County district attorney — is mulling a run.

Some Republican activists say Beatty has already got the jump on any other Republicans who might be considering the race.

An exception might be Ogonowski, a hay farmer from Dracut who received extensive publicity during his recent run for Congress.

"Jim Ogonowski has name recognition already because of the race against Tsongas. And, he's a former Air Force lieutenant colonel whose brother was an American Airlines pilot aboard one of the hijacked planes flown into the World Trade Center," said Doug Bennett, a Nantucket resident and Republican who is active in state politics.

"He's been making a real effort to meet people around the state," Kevin Kuros, an Uxbridge selectman and Republican Party member, said of Beatty, whom he met this summer.

"He was a genuine person, someone who has to pay a mortgage and runs a business. I think what impressed people around here is that he came here," Kuros said of Beatty. "We're not exactly on the map for most candidates running at the national level."

Whoever challenges Kerry, a four-time incumbent in a heavily Democratic state, faces an uphill struggle.

The 64-year-old senator has said little about the 2008 campaign, except that he wants to continue serving the Bay State.

"I'm continuing the fight for issues that are important to families in Massachusetts, whether it's affordable education, decent wages, good jobs that come with health care, and energy independence," Kerry said in a statement.

Kerry has the advantage of a track record, money in his campaign war chest and a general national mood unfavorable to Republicans, according to many observers. "I think it will be tough for any Republican to challenge an incumbent Democrat in 2008," said Costas Panagopoulos, a Lowell native and director of the Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy at Fordham University in New York.

Kerry has at least one vulnerability, Panagopoulos said. "There could be some weaknesses in Kerry, possibly as a result of his presidential campaign," he said. "There is some evidence that candidates who run for the presidency and lose don't do as well in successive elections."

All about money
Money undeniably plays a key role in any political campaign, said Denise Cunningham, a Washington-based political consultant whose work has been primarily for Democrats.

"The incumbent always has an advantage, especially if there's been no major scandal or upset," she said. "More importantly, Kerry has money, a lot of money."

Kerry already has raised more than $4.2 million for the 2008 election and has more than $9 million cash on hand, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Kerry also ranks seventh of all Senate candidates in raising the most money and fifth among incumbents.

In 2002, Kerry spent $10.3 million on his senatorial campaign, which he won with 80 percent of the vote. There was no Republican candidate in that race.

In contrast, Beatty raised about $50,000 for his campaign against Delahunt and loaned the campaign $50,000 of his own money. Panagopoulos said any serious challenger to Kerry would have to raise between $10 million and $20 million.

Not so, said Bennett, who thinks a successful campaign against Kerry could be mounted for as little as $1 million.

Beatty said his interest in running for Senate emerged only months after his loss to Delahunt last year.

He introduced himself to voters on the Cape and Islands as a successful businessman and an Army veteran who received a Purple Heart for injuries suffered in a helicopter crash when he was rescuing wounded soldiers during the 1983 U.S. intervention in Grenada.

Beatty runs a security consulting business and his clients have included Logan International Airport, the MBTA and the Boston Public Schools.

His run for Congress brought a bruising experience when one of his campaign workers quit and sued Beatty in district court, claiming he had not been paid for all his work. The case was later settled out of court, with Beatty saying little publicly except he had hired the man because he was a fellow veteran and "it just didn't work out."

When asked whether his fundraising efforts will work out, Beatty refused to be pinned down. "Wait until I am an official candidate," he said. "Then we'll talk about money."

Karen Jeffrey can be reached at kjeffrey@capecodonline.com.

Link Posted: 12/2/2007 3:58:15 AM EDT
Even if he were a poser, I think I'd take him over Kerry anyway. Kerry isn't much more than a poser himself. And since returning to the US, he has been nothing but a piece of shit socialist surrender monkey who seems more interested in helping the enemies of this nation rather than winning wars.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 3:58:27 AM EDT
Might be for real. From his campaign site.

www.jeffbeatty.com/index.html with Fox news interviews.


FWIW, I like his issues page, but this is not a political cheerleading thread.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 4:06:42 AM EDT
Here's a link to his company's website, he's been doing segments on security w/ various news stations for years. www.totalsecurity.us/mediafilm.asp

Found this too: www.solonicus.com/Hero%20of%20first%20Black%20Hawk%20down.htm

Hero of the first ‘Black Hawk down’

Cape Cod Times, October 25, 2007

Contrary to popular belief, the first “Black Hawk down” was not in Somalia in 1993, but in Grenada, ten years earlier, exactly 24 years ago today. And Jeff Beatty of Harwich was onboard.

Beatty, who is planning to run for the United States Senate next year against John Kerry, was a member of the elite Delta Force and was Delta Assault Troop Commander in the rescue of nearly 1,000 American medical students held by Cuban and Grenadian forces in Grenada on October 25, 1983. The young Americans were being held hostage in the wake of a brutal Cuban-supported coup that killed the Grenadian president and scores of officials. The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States asked the U.S. to intervene.

“We were going in to rescue Grenadian political prisoners and the American medical students,” said Beatty of his Delta Force. Beatty’s Delta team was in a flight of six Black Hawks.

Delta was to land at “Richmond Hill Prison to free the Grenadian political prisoners, restore them to power and have them help us avoid conflict, and then to get our medical students out. Our goal was to accomplish the mission with minimum bloodshed.”

The Cubans and Grenadian Army, however, had been alerted, and 200 troops in open trucks were in the Delta Landing Zone at the prison. In addition, six armored vehicles with twelve heavy machine guns were firing from a ridge above the LZ.

“They were shooting the heck out of us,” said Beatty. “The two hundred troops were close in, from ten to seventy-five yards, and 23-millimeter anti-aircraft cannon were firing up at us from the harbor.” Because of the trucks in the LZ, there was no place to land.

Beatty’s pilot had been killed, and everyone aboard had been wounded. “The transmission housing was blown away, we were all covered in hot oil, and there were four-foot flames shooting out the left rear of our Black Hawk.”

Taking heavy fire, the co-pilot managed to crash-land the burning helicopter. Following a heroic rescue by Delta troopers, the other wounded were flown out to the U.S.S. Guam. Beatty continued on to the medical college, where he was temporarily sewn up by Army doctors aided by the medical students.

“Next to me on the aid table,” said Beatty, “was a Cuban. He was in there being saved. We were operating on more of their people than our own. That was a real tribute to the way the United States goes to war.

“At the same time the enemy were pulling the skin off—flaying alive—one of our captured aviators, dragging him through the streets.”

Helicopters landing at the medical campus were being fired upon. The basketball courts were protected behind a berm, so a wounded Beatty gathered the medical students to tear down the backstops in order to make the basketball court a protected helipad. Ultimately, all the medical students were saved.

From his hospital bed back at Fort Bragg, Beatty watched on television as the C-141 carrying the students landed in Charleston, South Carolina. Reporters were waiting with dozens of microphones and cameras.

“The first one down the steps was the student who had assisted in sewing up my head. He kissed the ground and stepped right up to the microphones.

“Dan Rather was there, trying to get him to say that the invasion wasn’t necessary, and the student stopped him in his tracks. ‘Let me tell you,’ he basically said, ‘we were on a shoot-on-sight curfew, these were crazy people, they had already killed dozens on the island, and we are grateful.’”

So much for Dan Rather trying to make news instead of report it.

Jeff Beatty went on to become the only man who was a member of our three elite anti-terrorist organizations: Delta Force, FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and the CIA counter-terrorism center.

And, like the medical students, we are grateful.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 4:19:59 AM EDT
To beat any sitting Senator, a man needs a small army of good (well vetted) friends, alot of money, a good smile and 'story', and the ability to answer questions with charm, and with accuracy.

Dirty tricks will be sprung - including planting 'volunteers' who are spies, or false flag ops to make you look stupid. Money will be donated from embarrassing sources - so part of the campaign needs an excellent intel suite to spot frauds or felons donating money and get it returned asap to avoid problems.

The media is hostile - expect no fair treatment, ESPECIALLY if one is conservative. But this sort of thing can be mollified if in the run up to the campaign the one running prepped the waters by doing some nice charity work around the state and got favorable press. Once a Media outlet or reporter has praised someone for 'doing good' it's hard to then turn on them as savagely as usual. Reporters are lazy and have deadlines - so they generally dislike 'unknown' people. If you are a known philanthropist, known do-gooder whom they met before and wrote a nice piece on, they'll feel like you are a known quantity and thus will go a bit easier on you.

At least one of those pre-campaign charity events ought to include inner city poor minority kids.

Pre-campaign activity involving charity is to get the name out there and to prep the Media to like you as a good guy who 'cares about women, minorities and the children'. Obviously this will take more than 12 months to establish. So get working....

Finally, beware of the scandal industry: it's not unknown for incredibly beautiful 'model' level girls to show up to 'volunteer' their services to the campaign. Vet them as you would a potential candidate to sit in an ICBM silo - they might be legit, but they might also be working for the other team to get the candidate in a compromising situation. Especially on the road.

Link Posted: 12/2/2007 4:42:31 AM EDT
Sounds like a true "Brass Balls" American.

Just the kind of man the majority of Massachusetts voters don't want.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 4:49:00 AM EDT
Whenever someone runs against Kerry, I vote for them. Same with fat teddy. Perhaps some day we'll get soemone good in there.
Link Posted: 12/2/2007 2:16:23 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Wobblin-Goblin:
Sounds like a true "Brass Balls" American.

Just the kind of man the majority of Massachusetts voters don't want

Unfortunately, that's probably true.

There are some interesting anti Kerry comments on the newspaper link I put in the 1st post.
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