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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/25/2003 2:23:13 PM EST
Anyone have a good suggestion on software firewalls? I was using Zone alarm, but for some reason it is hogging all my memory since I installed the win 2000 service pack.. :/

I used to use black ice and that was good, thinking about going back to it, but would like to hear you guy's suggestions...
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:29:00 PM EST
Those 2 would have been my recommendation..... The ZA shouldn't cause you any memory issues...but I haven't run it with 2K yet.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:42:39 PM EST
It was working fine before I intalled the latest service packs and updates.. Now vsmon.exe keeps taking up more and more memory, and slows everything down. after a couple hours it is down to a crawl. I really liked ZA before this. As of now I've dled sygate to see if it will do the job before I get a new copy of blackice.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:46:53 PM EST
ZoneAlarm is good if your clueless about firewall rule sets. BlackIce is the worst firewall I have ever seen. It is like a built in trojan if you actually get hacked. I recommend Kerio ver. 2.1.5 It is just like the old Tiny Personal Firewall. You right your own rules sets. Kerio has a new ver. 4. But I heard they are still working through some bugs. You can get it here: [url]http://www.webattack.com/download/dlkeriofirewall.html[/url] Here is a website that helps with rule sets. [url]http://blarp.com/faq/faqmanager.cgi?file=kerio_genrules&toc=kerio[/url]
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 2:47:32 PM EST
I've been using Norton Professional edition for almost a year, no problems, has caught all hack attacks-including the ones that try while I'm on THIS site.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 6:30:55 PM EST
ZoneAlarm, which I use with Windows XP, shouldn't be causing you any memory problems. If it is, try downloading the lastest version and installing it again (after deleting the currently installed version). If that doesn't help, Sygate has a free version that supposed to be good. I haven't tried it myself. From what I've read, Black Ice is ok for monitoring incoming traffic but doesn't check outgoing, which means it's no defense at all against a trojan. http://www.firewallguide.com/bestreviews.htm http://www.pcflank.com/
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 6:56:15 PM EST
Yeah, I know black ice doesn't monitor outgoing, which I don't care really, becasue I am responsible for all outgoing. And I block a whole bunch of ports on the router, all of the most common trojan ports and any major services I don't use..
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 8:39:59 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/25/2003 8:40:38 PM EST by AR-15Fan]
Get the newest Kerio Personal Firewall at [url]www.kerio.com[/url] Works great, much better than the other choices and free, free, free... Been using it for awhile. Tried nearly every firewall out there and stuck with this one... Gets very good reviews from everything I've seen.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 9:55:30 PM EST
Personal firewalls are just a gimmick... Antivirus software with decent DAT upgrades (or even Trend HouseCall if you're a cheap-a$$) takes care of the trojan problem (except custom ones, but the PFW won't handle that either)... And IP worms will go right through, because the vulnerabilities they exploit are at the OS level, 'IN FRONT' of the PFW. If you need a firewall, get a hardware firewall... Otherwise, just upgrade your AV software regularly...
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 10:34:51 PM EST
I use Sygate Personal Firewall and I have had no problems including memory issues that I am aware of. [:D] [devil]
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