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Posted: 11/4/2009 8:30:03 AM EST
It's a rant I hear a lot on the heavily-libertarian GD. As a libertarian myself, I have to say that the comparison is absurd. While I don't particularly like the old church lady busybodies, the actual policy proposals of social conservatives are nothing like the current proposals of the Obama liberals. So let's take a look at the policies of each that would generally offend libertarians of various stripes.

Social Conservative Issues:

(1) Prayer in School: I don't support this, but the worst that happens in 5 minutes of silence. If you don't like it, don't pray. Hardly a threat to the Republic.
(2) Intelligent Design: A little more annoying than prayer in school. But again, hardly a threat to the Republic. I think the kids can survive being taught a BS pseudo-science. See Global Warming.
(3) pr0n: A little more annoying because people go to jail for retarded crap (happycynic's solution, no like? No watch), but in reality they only go after the big producers. So unless you are Max Hardcore, no worries. Also, angry feminists hate teh pr0n as well so its kinda a wash.
(4) Alcohol: dry counties are annoying, but easy to get around. MADD is a bigger problem, but hardly limited to social conservatives. Liberals are at least as guilty of going MADD over drinking due to their desire to socially engineer perfection.
(5) War on Drugs: Probably the worst flaw of social conservatives. But to be realistic, one shared by 90% of the non-Arfcom population. Suzie soccer mom doesn't care about gunfire in the ghetto. She wants it to be as hard as possible for daughter Jane to get drugs.
(6) Abortion: While many would like to see abortion limited or banned in many circumstances, realistically the only think they are likely to accomplish in the next 50 years is to overturn Roe v. Wade (and that is a long shot). At which point the states get to set abortion policy. So if you really, really want one, drive to your nearest liberal shithole and get one.
(7) Gay Marriage: O.k., only the most extreme libertarians want this. But contrary to what Rachel Madcow thinks this is small potatoes. Really? Terrorism, Swine Flue, Depression, and we're worried that Johnny cannot jointly file his tax return with Bobby? President please.


(1) Complete Takeover of Healthcare: Rationing, death panels, shoddy care - pretty much the worst parts of the Bible. Beyond destroying the medical system, it will give the gooberment control of pretty much every aspect of your life on the grounds that they are paying for it. Further, it will entrench liberalism in the government for generations just as it does in Europe as elections become even more of a "what will you give me today" proposition.
(2) Complete Takeover of Banks: Our economy is fucked because Bawny Fwank got bored with his houseboys and decided to force banks to lend to people who cannot pay it back. To be frank, it is now apparent that Obama will take over any damned industry he can get his hands on. Not only does this kill the economy, it kills economic freedom. Clear and present danger to the Republic.
(3) Death of Small Business: Whether through taxes, environmental regulations, or general employment regulations liberals make it harder and harder for someone to start their own business.
(4) Confiscation of Arms: Liberals want to ban all guns, eventually, through the Goldilocks method (this one's too small, that one's too big, etc.). A complete violation of the right to life and right to self-defense. Further killing any right to self-defense the liberals will side with the criminal and try to throw you in prison for protecting yourself in any way. See England or any Zero Tolerance Policy.
(5) Environmental Wackos: A perfect excuse for the liberals to tell you what car to drive, what size home apartment you can have, what you can eat, how hard your toilet can notflush, and damn near every other aspect of your life. And that's not the worst of it. If allowed, they would turn over sovereignty of the Republic to international socialists in the name of global warming.
(6) Affirmative Action: When you clear away the BS, it is basically Jim Crow for whites. Last hired, first fired, based on race. Sound familiar? All that is missing is the separate bathrooms.
(7) Unions: If you manage to grow a business despite all of the taxes and regulations, the democrats will give it to the corrupt, mafia-loving workers of the world.
(8) Wealth Redistribution: Each according to their abilities, each according to their needs. Beyond making you a wage slave to the state, this inevitably results in the concentration of powers in that hands of a Caesar Pay Tsar.
(9) State Owned Children: Liberals have no respect for parental authority. Don't want the indoctrinated in the public schools? They'll try to force you to. Don't want your 13 year old to get an abortion? A liberal judge will rule that she doesn't even have to tell you. And there are a whole host of other liberal shibboleths that risk getting the angry fat ladies of social services on your ass.

See the difference? Some social conservative ideas may be annoying or result in moderate injustices, but the liberals will destroy freedom in this Republic if given half a chance. Whatever you think of the annoying church ladies, keep your eye on the big picture. Liberalism (really the latest wave of socialism/communism) must be stopped at all costs.

Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:35:31 AM EST
There have been many threads today of political infighting in Arfcom. Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?

Especially on a day such as today. I consider myself a conservative, not a Republican, but Republicans just won big victories in Virginia and New Jersey and there is now significant momentum for the 2010 elections. The country is continuing to turn against Obama, and we should focus on expanding this momentum and making a difference in 2010.
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:36:11 AM EST
couldnt this have been posted in one of the 5 other threads?
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:39:06 AM EST
Pretty well sums it up. You have to align yourself with what you think is the lesser of two evils. Crush your opponents, then divide the winning group and pick the lesser of two evils again. Right up until you get your own personal utopia.

Its still social engineering by socialists. Doesnt matter if someones hiding behind global warming or a Bible.
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:40:51 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:44:10 AM EST
Good post.

I'm a social conservative, but I think libertarians can often be our allies.
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 8:51:53 AM EST
I consider myself almost-libertarian.

I go the social conservative route on abortion. Everything else I lean the libertarian direction.
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