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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/20/2001 2:55:34 AM EST
I've seen this term used a lot on gun boards. What does it mean? Get you tin foil hat on?
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 2:57:37 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 2:59:55 AM EST
I think term came from [b]UFO nuts[/b], they claim wearing a tin foil hat prevents aliens from bombarding your brain with weird suggestions: As in thinking that contrails across the sky are acutally the government spraying us w/ noxiuos substances. Mike
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:01:45 AM EST
Some of us have advanced to special carbon-fiber inserts for our kevlar helmets. This is akin to stealth technology, in that in addition to providing protection from projectiles, the new inserts deflect the mind control rays. The deflected rays give feedback to the sender suggesting that they are effective, but do make the cats act funny sometimes.
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:02:41 AM EST
Hey! It's the truth damn it! What do think is the real reason our military went to Kevlar? (Metal reflects the waves idiot.)
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:10:40 AM EST
Some of us don't need tin-foil hats - No brain waves to intercept [xx(]
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:14:50 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:18:50 AM EST
[url]http://zapatopi.net/afdb.html[/url] This should answer most of your questions.
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:21:44 AM EST
If you have to ask ... you may need one. [(:|)]
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:25:05 AM EST
Reminds me of a story. Just got out of college and I was working for a major utility in Wisconsin. This lady called in and was just terrified because the electricity was coming out of the receptacles and it would chase her around the room. They sent the new guy out to "help" her. Well I had been around aging senile people (my grandma) and knew the best thing was to just humor them. After she explained her dilemma I thought of these little plastic plugs that we gave out in our energy conservation and home safety kits. I said "Oh ya. This has been quite a problem lately. We've developed these new plugs that will keep it contained." I then put one in every empty receptacle she had and gave her a few spares. We never heard from her again.
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 3:47:40 AM EST
It's kinda like a head condom, only instead of containing goo, it's supposed to keep it out. Understand?
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 4:04:17 AM EST
I wear mine to attract the wominz... they say I look manly when I pull it down over my face so's they can see their reflection.
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 5:18:04 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/20/2001 5:11:29 AM EST by Quarterbore]
LMFAO... I love the Instructions! [url]http://zapatopi.net/afdb.html#2[/url]
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