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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
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Posted: 2/11/2006 11:32:44 AM EDT
We have a few inches on the ground,and what looks like a foot in the air,it is pounding it down nowI hope it snows asshole deep to an eight foot indian
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:36:16 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:37:05 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:37:33 AM EDT
It set in here a few hours ago it isnt much but it seems to be steady and its gonna be really cold tonight too.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:38:00 AM EDT
We got a bit here but not a lot, no real accumulation at all today. But it's stopped now.

Ok make that it;s started up again now....
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:39:55 AM EDT
It's all passing to our south.

Maybe tomorrow.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:39:58 AM EDT
A little, but no accumulation is expected. Mother Nature is doing it half-assed today.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:43:31 AM EDT
Damn it is snowing even harder now
We havnt gotten much this year,I hope we get it all at once now
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 11:43:46 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:11:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:16:40 PM EDT by Irish317]
One of my side yard...

If you look closely you can see a steel silhouette near the tree line

And one of my front.....

I am getting ready to go plow my 1500 foot drive way with my new toy
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:11:38 PM EDT
I HATE fuckin snow.

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:11:49 PM EDT
Unfortunately no.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:12:15 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:12:25 PM EDT by roboman]
Been getting it since early November .
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:31:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:31:42 PM EDT by photoman]

Originally Posted By VooDoo3dfx:
I HATE fuckin snow.


What shrinkage problems or something?
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:35:02 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Troy:
Today's weather: partly cloudy, high of 72° F, winds NW 4 MPH.

What's "snow"?


I'm wearing flip flops.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:36:17 PM EDT

Originally Posted By GabbasaurusRex:

Originally Posted By Troy:
Today's weather: partly cloudy, high of 72° F, winds NW 4 MPH.

What's "snow"?


I'm wearing flip flops.


Driving earlier and I had to use the AC the whole time


Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:36:49 PM EDT
Got a Blizzard watch here in the North East. Went grocery shopping, gassed up the cars and brought in a few days worth of firewood. I'm in for the weekend .



Weather service declares statewide blizzard watch
Snow could begin falling in earnest by early this evening, at 2 to 3 inches an hour during the height of the storm, and add up to 8 to 15 inches before it's all over.

01:00 AM EST on Saturday, February 11, 2006
Journal Staff Writer projo.com staff writer

Assistant manager Keith Gracie heard this weekend's forecast just as he was about to close the Home Depot in North Kingstown last night.

"Holy Christmas!" he said.


It will look a lot like Christmas tonight, when a storm is expected to begin blanketing Rhode Island in 8 to 15 inches of snow.

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch for the entire state last night, saying snow was expected to start falling between 6 and 8 tonight. Meteorologists said the dangerous northeaster would bring heavy snow and strong winds to Southern New England.

"It's still a developing situation," meteorologist Charlie Foley said. "But I think it will be a significant storm."

At Home Depot, Gracie didn't need Foley to tell him a storm was coming. The store started the day with 50 snowblowers in stock; when it closed, there were just 2.

Snowblower sales had slumped during a winter season that seemed more like the Cayman Islands than Rhode Island. But the store made up ground in a hurry yesterday.

Gracie explained that snowblowers usually sell earlier in the year. At this point, no new machines are being shipped, and snowblowers have been deemed "clearance product" at reduced prices.

Now, it looks like those investments are about to pay off.

Tracy McCormick, another meteorologist at the weather service in Taunton, said, "It looks pretty likely that Southern New England will see a winter storm this weekend because more of the forecast models are coming into agreement."

Low pressure over the Carolinas this afternoon is expected to intensify into a winter storm as it passes about 75 miles southeast of Nantucket tomorrow morning, the weather service says.

Tonight, the temperature in Providence is expected to be in the low to mid-20s, while it should increase slightly tomorrow into the mid- to high 20s.

That means the snow should be fluffy and easier to shovel, at least in the Providence area, but winds of 30 mph, gusting to 40 mph or higher along the coast, will blow it around a lot, McCormick said. "It will be easy to lift, but the wind is going to blow it back" onto cleared surfaces, she said.

The weather service recommends staying off the roads. The snow could fall as much as 2 to 3 inches per hour at the height of the storm, with the possibility of thunder.

"You should get whatever you need done by Saturday afternoon, because it should start Saturday evening, and overnight looks like near-blizzard conditions are possible, with visibility going down to almost zero with heavy snowfall and gusty northeast winds making travel difficult," McCormick said.

If the storm brings as much snow as expected, Providence and other areas could get as much snow this weekend as they had in all of January, when 6.9 inches of snow fell in Providence.

Earlier yesterday, the weather service had issued a blizzard watch for coastal Rhode Island and the south coast of Massachusetts only. But last night, the blizzard watch was extended to all of Rhode Island and "roughly everything east of Worcester" in Massachusetts, Foley said.

Foley explained that a blizzard watch means a big storm is possible. A blizzard warning means the storm is imminent or in progress. If a blizzard warning is issued today, the message will be clear: Ladies and gentlemen, start your snowblowers.

efitzpat@projo.com / (401) 277-7368
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:37:14 PM EDT
Nope, just wind and cold......
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:37:47 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:53:46 PM EDT by VooDoo3dfx]

Originally Posted By photoman:

Originally Posted By VooDoo3dfx:
I HATE fuckin snow.


What shrinkage problems or something?

ETA: oh.. I got it.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:38:17 PM EDT
I wish it was snowing here
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:39:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:41:56 PM EDT by TrijiCog]
Unless you lived at Lake Tahoe for a while,you don't really know snow.I was a snowboard intructor at Kirkwood for 2 seasons, and I lived on the north shore of Tahoe(Incline Village) I used to wake up to 2-4 ft of snow.I used to have nightmares about cannibilism..obscure Donner Party referance

Good times!

ETA:Rocky Mountain dwellers would know snow as well.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:41:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:43:07 PM EDT
Earlier, more expexted.

Time to build a snow fort!

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:47:42 PM EDT
Snowing pretty hard here. Expecting 8-10 inches by morning.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:51:21 PM EDT
Not much here,few inches yesterday,winters have been pretty mild the last few years in this area.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:52:17 PM EDT

Originally Posted By VooDoo3dfx:
I HATE fuckin snow.


They make snow for that?
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:54:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 12:56:27 PM EDT by napalm]
Nope, no snow here in Phoenix.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:00:52 PM EDT
We had about a half of a inch this morning 20 miles southeast of Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Elevation around 2,200 feet above sea level.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:01:49 PM EDT

Originally Posted By napalm:
Nope, no snow here in Phoenix.

Ban him

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:03:14 PM EDT
We're in a blizzard warning now. Maybe up to a foot here. This Nor'easter is gonna be a killer here. Last time we had a storm like this up here was Jan. 05. Pics from that storm.

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:05:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:09:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 6:57:48 PM EDT by warlord]
No snow in the flat lands of So. Calif. It is so warm in the San Gabriel Valley(10 miles east of Los Angeles) my backyard thermometer in the shade says 72ºF. In the direct sunlight it is probably in the 80s. The only thing we got that is exciting is the 2 brush fires in Orange County(Anaheim Hills) and in Malibu that is pretty much under control. I think were will be heading into spring with no further cold weather.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:12:07 PM EDT
The ENTIRE state of RI????? That is like 50 square miles right??????????
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:30:29 PM EDT
Looking at maybe 15" plus in my area. Glad its falling on a Sunday, hopefully the roads will be cleared for my Monday commute home.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:33:42 PM EDT
Snowing in NOVA.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:40:25 PM EDT

Originally Posted By VooDoo3dfx:
I HATE fuckin snow.


Of course you do.......




The cold causes shrinkage!!!!!!
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:41:56 PM EDT

Originally Posted By PsyWarrior:

Originally Posted By VooDoo3dfx:
I HATE fuckin snow.


Of course you do.......
The cold causes shrinkage!!!!!!

<Elaine Voice> IT SHRINKS!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:43:35 PM EDT
Got snow!
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 2:38:08 PM EDT
Hasn't started here yet and they're calling for 20 inches in my area.

Hate this crap.
Anyone else here remember the Blizzard of '78? That's the measuring stick used today in regard to storms. I was a kid...barely in Jr. High. It was the best week of my life! We had snowball fights on Interstate 95, Sledding until your toes were so cold you couldn't feel them, and moms making hot chocolate CONSTANTLY.
It was Christmas in February, that year. At least for us kids. The grown ups were not amused.
I remember the NG coming in, landing a helicopter in a baseball field near my house to medevac the old lady up the street to the hospital during a stroke. THAT was THE coolest thing I'd ever seen, as a kid.
Well, that and my crazy old man threatening to take his shotgun and go rabbit hunting in the middle of metropolitan Providence when the food stocks started to get low!
Think I ate more SPAM in that week than allowed by the FDA.

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 3:50:05 PM EDT
I went for a walk outside.

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 3:57:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/11/2006 3:58:51 PM EDT by shop_rat45]
AR15 w/ 100rnd Beta Drum sitting next to a Barrett .50BMG.

What's an "assault weapons ban?"

Originally Posted By Troy:
Today's weather: partly cloudy, high of 72° F, winds NW 4 MPH.

What's "snow"?


Link Posted: 2/11/2006 4:00:59 PM EDT
She's having snow

(That's Kate Moss, by the way)
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 4:01:03 PM EDT
NWS forecast was for 6-10". We've got maybe 3".
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 4:52:18 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Phil_A_Steen:
She's having snow


(That's Kate Moss, by the way)

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 5:10:27 PM EDT
Southern Md...got an inch earlier, then it stopped, and it's coming down pretty good now. They say 8-10", but I don't think so.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 5:21:18 PM EDT
OK Snow report from those who live off I-95.
from NC to the Hamptons (NY)
Me and me big rig goota go sleding
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 5:26:02 PM EDT
You wouldnt believe the amount of snow were getting here.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 6:32:54 PM EDT

Originally Posted By double_wielder:
You wouldnt believe the amount of snow were getting here.

Same amount we are getting here right ?

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 6:35:09 PM EDT
Forget what I said earlier. It's sticking, and the plow trucks are mysteriously MIA.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 6:44:57 PM EDT
a couple inches of snow here
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 6:48:52 PM EDT

Originally Posted By GabbasaurusRex:

Originally Posted By Troy:
Today's weather: partly cloudy, high of 72° F, winds NW 4 MPH.

What's "snow"?


I'm wearing flip flops.

Yeah? Me too, and we're getting 8' of snow.

I LOVE the winter.
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