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Posted: 3/8/2015 2:57:50 PM EDT

That's the thread where I was in the first stages of contemplation.  

I ended up selling my .40 Ammo and my Walther to the guy that was going
to trade me for my P99, with the money that he got selling the XD to another
guy that I work with.  

I got a mini-fridge and my Sield in 9MM with some ammo with the money.

My first impressions without shooting;

-Points.....Alright.  I have to break my wrists slightly.  I didn't notice this when I finger
fucked it at Academy.  I notice it now.  

-It will take some getting used to a "Slide Stop" as opposed to a "Slide Release".

-I love the size and slimness.  It fits everywhere.

-I can take or leave the thumb safety.  I ran the Walther since 2003, which has a decocker
and no manual safe.  You won't hit it accidentally, that's for sure.  

-I'm sure it will loosen up after running some ammo through it.

-Haven't tried the trigger, but I'm used to the P99 trigger, so I'm sure it will be better.

-It feels good in the hand.

-No need to press-check to ensure a round is in the chamber, there's a peep-hole to check that.

Overall, I'm happy so far.  I think it's going t be a great daily carrier.  The Walter always seemed
to weigh heavy, and be chunky.  I was always conscious of it.  I think this one will serve it's stated purpose
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