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Posted: 1/9/2005 2:49:17 PM EDT
Ok I really need some help here...

I recently found an ad in the paper... 3 Sleds for sale and an aluminum trailer for 1200 USD
(2) yamaha Sleds 1980's (not sure on year exactly yet) on 250 and one 340 "long track" 2 up machine
(1) SkiDoo 250 also 1980's vintage.
Aluminum trailer is an open 2 sled tilt deck of about the same years... converted to haul 3 with an removable extension.

Hears the deal I have never been around snowmobiles before... never riden one.

I went to look at them... all three are in immaculate shape as far as I can tell not a scratch The owner says they mostly rode the yamahas and the Ski-Doo is basicly like new with little use.

Now the bad part... they have been sitting sence 1995 stored indoors. they all crack over fine and the owner claims they will all run. probably need carbs cleaned/new fuel?

I was origninaly interested in the ad because I was looking for a trailer to haul a couple ATVs. The snowmobiles are owned by a very well off guy who is selling them because they take up space in his garage. Im pritty sure i could talk down the price some...

But as a newbie I have no idea what im getting into.

So what are the sleds worth? what kind of power/speed do they have? what sort of maint is involved with a snowmobile?
any help would be great.

Link Posted: 1/9/2005 3:00:05 PM EDT
Dunno about worth... I wouldnt go for more than 1k for the pair.

They will be pretty meek compared to say, a 900 1M with a 144" paddle track. They wont be pulling the skis off, and with the little knobby track, wont have a ton of powder performance or zip. A lot of track spinning.

Should get you to 50 MPH on groomed trails pretty easy, I really wouldnt want to be bustin trails with one of those sleds, but they will be excellent trainers.

Definatly clean the carbs. Pull the main jets, spray wd40 or carb cleaner thru them and any other port and opening in the carb. If its just a single carb set up, its plugged it wont run. But if its a dual carb, your bad carb will let the cylinder get hot and seize. Not good.

Get the manuals with these sleds and give em one damn fine lookin over. Grease it up good.

When you get done with it, dump stabile in the gas, let it run long enough to get into the carbs. Newer sleds dont really need to have the carbs pulled yearly and cleaned. Mostly beause they are a bitch to do anymore. I have always pulled mine and checked them out. The newest trick is stabil the fuel and run it into the carbs.

I grease mine in the summer/fall when I put it up or get it out. I also check the track tension as well. If your sleds have metal ski's you may want to invest in ski skins. Simply plastic covers that stop your skis from melting the snow and freezing back into Ice when you stop for lunch or something.

As for riding, I would stay on the roads a LOT until you get a grasp of general riding. Learn to shift your weight into corners etc etc kinda like a bike. When you go playing in the powder, make sure you got lots of time and lots of strong buds. With them older sleds, hell you can throw the damn things on packed snow. Speed is life, dont lose speed and lose ability to gain speed (out away from old tracks or on hills you can turn down to gain speed, assuming your climbing hills) other wise your gonna be in a world of hurt.

Snowmobiling is fun as hell.

Link Posted: 1/9/2005 3:10:46 PM EDT
riding is fun, but old sleds require constant work.

only do this if you have the facilities and the know-how/desire to work on them regularly.
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