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Posted: 4/16/2006 2:37:34 PM EST
Ok, played a lot of high school hardball, none of that applies to softball apparently. We have a company league that Ill be playin in this year.

I have been reading a lot of info that suggests a lighter bat, regardless of slow or fast pitch has greater distance potential as its all about bat speed after contact. That being said, can anyone else back this up?
I use a 34in bat, and have 2 TPXs, and 1 Easton, all of which are 28OZers. I am looking at the lighter, 21 or so oz bats. Any thoughts? Suggestions?
Link Posted: 4/16/2006 2:43:18 PM EST
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You are misguided -- slightly -- about bat speed and distance.

If you can swing a 30oz bat and maintain the bat speed from point of contact to point of follow through you will hit the ball farther.

That is the challenge, as most people can't maintain it.

You will find that a 21oz slow pitch bat does not hit the ball farther, despite the higher bat speed -- there simply isn't enough mass behind the swing to move the ball as well.

I will use a 26, 27 or 28oz bat. I also use composite bats exclusively. Though I have used aluminum in the past. What association governs the league in which you play? NSA, ISA, USSSA, ASA???

If you are concerned about bat speed I would buy a 26oz balanced bat.

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Link Posted: 4/16/2006 2:53:44 PM EST
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To add a wrinkle to the discussion...

If you get a 26oz endloaded bat it will swing like a 28oz bat, and will propel a ball farther due to the handle and the barrel creating better "whip".

If you get a 26oz balanced bat it will swing with less effort and almost feel like the bat is doing the work for you through the zone.

I have all manner of bats lying around, my preferred bat at the moment are the Miken Freaks.

I am going to try out the Demarini EVO AX now too.

If you are not playing in an ASA league, I would suggest buying the hottest rated bat you can find. Even with minimal bat speed, the top of the line composite bats will make an average hitter hit like Hank Aaron.

I was hitting 40 HR's per year with the old Miken ULTRA II. I was hitting 20-25 with the old Demarini Fatboys in 2000-02.

I hit about 30 with the Miken Freak now.

If you ARE in an ASA league, use this link to find out what bats NOT to buy:

ASA Site

This site is where I buy a lot of bats:

Kelly's Sports

They do little reviews on a lot of their bats and the ratings/reviews seem to match my findings in using other bats. FWIW...
Link Posted: 4/17/2006 4:07:02 AM EST
I've played slowpitch a while now, and bat speed really isn't key like it is in baseball. You want to swing a big stick hard. MLB players would be better suited swinging 40 ounce bats, but they have vastly different pitch velocities to deal with, which is why most bat weights are in the low 30s.

As far as softball goes, 28 ounces is good for 90% of slowpitch players.

If softball is something you see yourself doing for a while, then take this word of advice: bypass all cheapo bats and be prepared to go after a high-end bat (retailing for $200 plus). I use a Worth Mayhem (big sweet spot, not as much pop as other bats) and it's turned out to be a good investment. Combat and Anderson are two lesser-known bat companies that have a good share of the softball market (if you don't go with the big names like L. Slugger, Easton, Worth, Mizuno, Rawlings, Miken, etc.)
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