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Posted: 5/9/2004 11:12:40 PM EST
ok, its 0108hrs and I'm still finishing up a 5 page paper and presentation for my anthropology class. it was done yesterday untill I got a class wide e-mail from the teach(a socialist liberal french immigrant) changing the assignment for the paper. and of course being in an extremely inebriated state last night when it went out, I didnt even see it until about 11:30 this morning.

I miss the Army more and more every day,
Task, Condition, standard. why cant school be that structured?
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 11:34:52 PM EST
Physical or Cultural Anthroplogy?

School is structured, they tell you at the beigginning what you are studing and they give you the book. They expect you to be able to discuss the big picture, not just the details.

% pages? 1 day? On a subject I have suppossedly been studing all semester?

Piece of cake.

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 11:42:48 PM EST
cultural, its on the Huaorani of the amazon basin and how the big bad oil companies have been cramping their style. and this is the only class I have a problem with as far as structure as the instructor seems to not like following his own syllabus. I'm just a bit peeved at the fact that I'm spending more time on a project that I had completed, and then had the standards changed at the last moment. but I'm almost there, just one more page to go and a bit of power point tweaking and I'm home free
Link Posted: 5/9/2004 11:48:38 PM EST
use descriptive words.

ie: The culturely rich environment of which the Huaorani of the amazon basin lived in was a testament to their heroic and long standing fight against the devouring teeth of the empirical oil companies.

She is a liberal, use this to your advantage.

And don't forget a concluding paragraph, which is basically each previous paragraph summed up in its own sentance.

Link Posted: 5/9/2004 11:52:00 PM EST
oh roger that, big multi syllable words bashing oil companies = happy liberal

I just wish I could throw a jab in about OIF and the price of oil seing as how any time he brings up Iraq, he looks straight at me. but I have been able to correct him on quite a few liberal propaganda points he was trying to make.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 12:01:51 AM EST

I've been working on a small grad level paper for the past 4 months, and it's due today (monday) at 5 PM. I'm on page 24 and I've got about 10 left to go... Water quality & natural resource management regarding TMDL assessment, dissolved oxygen levels, multiple pollutants, and BMPs (best management practices) and their implementation feasibility studies.

I had to spend several weeks collecting samples, testing them in labs for nutrient, DO, DO Sat levels, and fecal & other pollutant content within a local watershed that people frequently swim in, canoe in, and it has ties to the city water supply. After this project's findings I'm glad I'm filtering my water in my apartment. It's a bitch being borderline graduation. The classes get harder & more demanding and the deadlines get shorter & shorter.

Tomorrow night I'm going to the GF's place to relax & have a good time. I need some release from this stress that's coursing through my veins as we speak. I've never gotten more than 4 hours of sleep any night since Thursday, April 29th... I've got the shakes, I'm getting physically ill, and I've got to work 4 days this week (40hrs in 4 days) full time digging graves and doing groundskeeping at a large metro cemetery in the Twin Cities (I fell in a grave on saturday and my ankle is killing me) & I have a final exam on Friday (& I haven't had any time to study for it yet).

I'm so stressed out that I've vomitted 8 times in the past week alone. Usually in the mornings around 8:30 AM. I've lost 15 lbs as a result of these intensely stressful 3 weeks.

Good luck on your 5 pages, wanna trade lives for a day? Didn't think so. I'm going out of my mind here... At least later tonight at about 10 PM I can get some sleep (that'll be 40 hrs without sleep since 6 AM Sunday) and I can rest my mind for a day while digging graves before I'm going to start studying for my last final exam.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 12:05:52 AM EST
trade? no, I'll be there before I know it. good luck man
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 12:08:16 AM EST
Another tip:

Your teacher likely has standards such as 12 point font, double spaced, and 1" margins, right?

CHANGE THE FONT TO COURIER NEW. It's called a "1M" size width font, and will horizontally stretch out your words & make the same text cover more page space without breaking the teacher's "standards" of composition. Trust me. I only wish I could do that on this thesis, but the department knows that trick & besides it doesn't look very professional for a large thesis. But for 3-8 page papers it doesn't look too bad, and it's proven to be 12 point...

Good luck & godspeed with typing your paper!
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 12:09:19 AM EST
he thought of that too, times new roman only. but thats a great point.
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