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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 5/28/2003 6:22:03 PM EDT
I was just watching that ESPN X Games stuff and I swear these guys are smoking crack. I saw a snow boarder go up the half pipe and make 2 revolutions and the announcer was calling it a 900. I thought I was mistaken until I saw a guy make 1 1/2 revolutions and the announcer called it a 720. Then everything I suspected came true when a contestant went up and did a 180. The announcer called that a 540 backside grab. The numbers that they throw up are not representative of the actual rotation. Also, they have a million different names for the same trick. Indie air, backside fakie grab, backside 540. They all look the same. And it isn't because I don't know anything about the sport, I've skiied for 21 years. The thing about skiing is that if I roll in fakie and pull a 720 iron cross tip grab, even an idiot will look up and see me and say: "Holy shit! That idiot is going backwards, crossing his skiis, grabbing the tail and landing backwards!" Snowboring tricks are all variations of a rotations. Even the "flips" don't look like flips. On skiis, when you are upside down, I will truely have my body perpendicularto the ground with my legs pointing in at the sky. Snowboring sucks to watch. Am I missing something? Do they automatically add 180 degrees to the revolution to cheat? I saw the same crap on skateboards. Those punks aren't making 720 or 900 degrees of rotation. Why do they call it that. Does it stand for something else? Then again, a lot of these guys look and sound like they smoke a lot of pot so I guess they don't have the mental capacity to figure out that they are a bunch of morons. Morons who can grab major air, but morons none the less. Are there any snowboarders out there that can explain this to me?
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